Cycling at the 1968 Summer Olympics

The cycling competition at the 1968 Summer Olympics consisted of two road cycling events and five track cycling events, all for men only.[1]

at the Games of the XIX Olympiad
VenuesSatellite Circuit
Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome
Date15 October – 21 October
Competitors329 from 52 nations

Medal summary

Road cycling

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual road race
Pierfranco Vianelli
Leif Mortensen
Gösta Pettersson
Team time trial
 Netherlands (NED)
Joop Zoetemelk
Fedor den Hertog
Jan Krekels
René Pijnen
 Sweden (SWE)
Sture Pettersson
Tomas Pettersson
Erik Pettersson
Gösta Pettersson
 Italy (ITA)
Pierfranco Vianelli
Giovanni Bramucci
Vittorio Marcelli
Mauro Simonetti

Track cycling

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Pursuit, Individual
Daniel Rebillard
Mogens Jensen
Xaver Kurmann
Pursuit, Team
 Denmark (DEN)
Per Jørgensen
Reno Olsen
Gunnar Asmussen
Mogens Jensen
 West Germany (FRG)
Karl Link
Udo Hempel
Karlheinz Henrichs
Jürgen Kissner
 Italy (ITA)
Luigi Roncaglia
Lorenzo Bosisio
Cipriano Chemello
Giorgio Morbiato
Daniel Morelon
Giurdano Turrini
Pierre Trentin
 Daniel Morelon
and Pierre Trentin (FRA)
 Leijn Loevesijn
and Jan Janssen (NED)
 Daniel Goens
and Robert van Lancker (BEL)
Time trial
Pierre Trentin
Niels Fredborg
Janusz Kierzkowski

Participating nations

329 cyclists from 52 nations competed.[1]

Medal table

1 France4015
2 Denmark1304
3 Italy1124
4 Netherlands1102
5 Sweden0112
6 West Germany0101
7 Belgium0011
Totals (9 nations)77721


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