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Cutter Consortium, founded by Karen Fine Coburn in 1986, is an information technology research company based in Arlington, Massachusetts. Its research areas include digital transformation, agile software development, agile project management, business architecture and enterprise architecture, business intelligence, outsourcing, business-technology strategy, risk management and benchmarking.

Cutter Consortium
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Karen Fine Coburn (founder)


Cutter Information Corp. was founded by Karen Fine Coburn in 1986.[1][2] In 1990, Cutter purchased the rights to the American Programmer journal (since renamed to Cutter Business Technology Journal), and partnered with Ed Yourdon to form the Cutter Consortium.[3]

Cutter formerly published several environmental titles, which it sold to Aspen Publishers in 2002.


Cutter Consortium provides consulting, training and research. Its publications include:

  • Cutter Business Technology Journal, a monthly collection of half a dozen articles on a specific topic selected by a guest editor
  • Cutter Benchmark Review, quarterly survey-based research analyzed by an industry practitioner and by an academic contributor
  • Executive Reports (20–30 pages), periodically published in each of the group's areas
  • Executive Updates (4–6 pages), published periodically
  • E-Mail Advisors, delivered weekly

Educational activities include:

  • Cutter Summit,[4] a two-day executive education program that provides a high ratio of experts to attendees, typically held every 12–18 months in the Boston area
  • seminars, tutorials, workshops, webinars, peer-to-peer discussions, etc., held at different times and in different locations during the year, principally in the U.S. and Mexico
  • ad hoc calls with Cutter consultants to discuss a specific client issues

Consulting services consist of personalized advisory services provided on- or off-site

The Cutter consultants who deliver the services are selected from a pool of about 150 expert independent professionals who have spent most of their career holding business or IT management positions in industry, academia or government. These consultants are also the authors of most of Cutter's publications. The consultants are principally located in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.


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