Curling at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics

Curling at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics was contested at the Kristins Hall in Lillehammer, Norway from 12 to 21 February. The mixed team event took place from 12 to 17 February, while the mixed doubles tournament took place from 19 to 21 February.

at the II Winter Youth Olympic Games
VenueKristins Hall, Lillehammer
Dates12–21 February
Competitors64 from 16 nations

The Athlete Role Model for the Youth Olympics curling competition was Rasmus Stjerne of Denmark.[1]

Medal summary

Medal table

1 Canada1001
2 United States0101
3 Switzerland0011
Totals (3 nations)2226


Games Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed team
Mary Fay
Tyler Tardi
Karlee Burgess
Sterling Middleton
 United States
Luc Violette
Cora Farrell
Ben Richardson
Cait Flannery
Selina Witschonke
Henwy Lochmann
Laura Engler
Philipp Hösli
Mixed doubles

 Yako Matsuzawa (JPN)
 Philipp Hösli (SUI)

 Han Yu (CHN)
 Ross Whyte (GBR)

 Zhao Ruiyi (CHN)
 Andreas Hårstad (NOR)

Format of play

At the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, there was two tournaments and two sets of medals awarded for each tournament. There was a mixed team curling tournament and a mixed doubles curling tournament.

Mixed team curling

The mixed team curling teams consisted of two boys and two girls from the same NOC/country.

The sixteen qualified teams competed in two divisions of round robin play. The top four teams from each group advanced to the quarterfinals, where the teams played a single knockout tournament to determine the winner.

Mixed NOC doubles curling

The mixed NOC doubles curling teams consisted of one boy and one girl from different NOCs. The mixed doubles competition took place after the mixed team competition; the same athletes competing in the mixed event competed in the mixed doubles event. The mixed doubles teams was selected by the organizing committee based on the final rankings from the mixed team competition. The resulting 32 teams played a single knockout round to determine the winner.



Host Nation 1  Norway
North America1 2  Canada
 United States
South America1 1  Brazil
Asia2 3  South Korea
Oceania 1  New Zealand
Europe 8  Switzerland
 Great Britain
 Czech Republic

Qualification points

The qualification of NOCs to the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics was determined using qualification points. The qualification points are allotted based on the nations' final rankings at international junior curling championships, which include the regional championships (the European Junior Curling Challenge and the Pacific-Asia Junior Curling Championships) and the World Junior Curling Championships. Nations that qualify from the regional championships to the world championships only receive points from their final ranking at the world championships. The results from the 2013–14 and 2014–15 curling seasons are considered for qualification to the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics. The points are distributed as follows:

World Championships
Final rank12345678910
Regional Championships
Final rank12345

The following table shows the qualification points earned by each country in both men's and women's junior championships. The points for each championship are cumulative over the last two years.[2]

Qualified teams in bold

Region Countries Points for qualification
Host Nation  Norway Not required
North America1  Canada 40 37 77
 United States 29 27 56
South America1  Brazil 0
Asia2  South Korea 8 32 13 53
 China 16 8 11 35
 Japan 11 11 22
Oceania  New Zealand 11 11 22
 Australia 8 8 16
Europe  Switzerland 32 38 70
 Great Britain 30 35 65
 Sweden 32 31 63
 Russia 30 25 55
 Italy 5 11 28 44
 Czech Republic 10 23 33
 Estonia 3 12 10 25
 Turkey 12 9 21
 Austria 5 13 18
 Germany 9 8 17
 Denmark 5 10 15
 Hungary 14 14
 Netherlands 12 12
 Latvia 5 6 11
 Spain 2 8 10
 Poland 10 10
 Finland 1 1
  1. ^ The North American and South American teams are qualified automatically by virtue of their affiliation with the World Curling Federation, since the number of qualification spots equals the number of nations affiliated with the WCF.
  2. ^ The Asian teams are qualified as no more than three nations affiliated in the region chose to participate.


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