Cue sports at the Asian Games

Cue sports events were contested at the Asian Games starting from the 1998 Games in Bangkok.


Games Year Host city Host country Best nation
XIII1998Bangkok Thailand Chinese Taipei
XIV2002Busan South Korea Chinese Taipei
XV2006Doha Qatar China
XVI2010Guangzhou China China


Men's three-cushion singlesXXXX4
Men's partie libre singlesX1
Men's English billiards singlesXXXX4
Men's English billiards doublesXXX3
Men's eight-ball singlesXXXX4
Men's eight-ball doublesX1
Men's nine-ball singlesXXXX4
Men's nine-ball doublesXX2
Men's snooker singlesXXXX4
Men's snooker doublesXXX3
Men's snooker teamXXXX4
Women's eight-ball singlesXX2
Women's nine-ball singlesXX2
Women's six-red snooker singlesX1
Women's six-red snooker teamX1

Medal table

1 Chinese Taipei (TPE)85821
2 China (CHN)84416
3 India (IND)54615
4 Philippines (PHI)4419
5 Japan (JPN)43411
6 Hong Kong (HKG)43310
7 Thailand (THA)34714
8 South Korea (KOR)1449
9 Malaysia (MAS)1304
10 Vietnam (VIE)1225
11 Pakistan (PAK)1056
12 Myanmar (MYA)0325
13 Singapore (SGP)0123
14 Indonesia (INA)0011
 Kuwait (KUW)0011
Totals (15 nations)404050130

Participating nations

Nation 98020610Years
 Afghanistan 242
 Bahrain 131
 Bangladesh 3533
 Brunei 3613
 Cambodia 222
 China 657134
 Chinese Taipei 121011114
 Hong Kong 34583
 India 141217174
 Indonesia 3223
 Iran 31
 Iraq 332
 Japan 99664
 Jordan 51
 Kazakhstan 11
 Kuwait 6411104
 Kyrgyzstan 21
 Lebanon 21
 Macau 2533
 Malaysia 107774
 Maldives 61
 Mongolia 410103
 Myanmar 2323
 Pakistan 471254
 Philippines 899144
 Qatar 81063
 Saudi Arabia 4112
 Singapore 75964
 South Korea 21210114
 Sri Lanka 3253
 Syria 232
 Thailand 161111144
 United Arab Emirates 33334
 Uzbekistan 51
 Vietnam 26984
Number of nations21212828
Number of athletes123132196191

List of medalists

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