Crown Attorney Office (Canada)

In Canada, Crown Attorney Office refers to the offices in each province that are in charge of prosecuting the majority of criminal cases. For the most part, each office is under the jurisdiction of the provincial Attorney General (or the Minister of Justice in Quebec), who is responsible for the conduct of criminal prosecutions at the provincial level.

The offices are generally spread out across each province by municipal districts (county, regional municipality, etc.). Large cities like Toronto have several Crown Attorney Offices. Each office reports to the provincial Attorney General (or Minister of Justice).

In British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec, the "Director of Public Prosecutions" (or Direction générale des poursuites publiques) is responsible for criminal cases. In other provinces, the office is referred to as the "Crown Attorney's Office" or a similar title.

For federal criminal cases, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada is the responsible entity.

List of offices across Canada

  • Alberta - Chief Crown Prosecutor - Crown Prosecutor's Office[1]
  • British Columbia - Director of Public Prosecution - Office of Public Prosecution
  • Manitoba - Chief Crown Attorney - Manitoba Prosecution Service
  • New Brunswick - Chief Crown Prosecutor - Crown Prosecutors Office
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - Chief Crown Prosecutor - Public Prosecution Office
  • Nova Scotia - Chief Crown Attorney - Office of Public Prosecution[2]
  • Ontario - Chief Crown Attorney - Crown Attorney's Office
  • Prince Edward Island - Chief Crown Attorney - Crown Attorneys' Office [3]
  • Quebec - Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions - Office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions
  • Saskatchewan - Chief Crown Prosecution - Public Prosecution Office
  • Yukon - Chief Crown Prosecution - Crown Prosecution Office
  • Northwest Territories - Chief of Public Prosecution - Office of Public Prosecution
  • Nunavut - Director of Public Prosecution - Public Prosecution Service of Canada

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