Cross Roads, Jamaica

Cross Roads is a primarily commercial neighbourhood of Kingston, Jamaica.[1] It is centered on the intersection of five major roads: Slipe Road, Half Way Tree Road, Old Hope Road, Caledonia Avenue and Marescaux Road.[2]

Cross Roads
Cross Roads
Coordinates: 17.9938°N 76.7880°W / 17.9938; -76.7880

It is perhaps the geographical centre of Kingston.[3]


  • Cross Roads Police Station.[4]
  • Cross Roads Bus Station - a major transport hub for buses and taxis.[4]
  • Cross Roads Post Office.[4]
  • Cross Roads Market.[4]
  • Carib 5 cinema - a 5 screen multiplex since the late 1990s but originally a 1,750 seater designed by John Pike and opening in 1938. The exterior walls are original and retain their impressive 1930s styling.[5]
  • The Nuttall Memorial Hospital.[4]


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