Croker Group

The Croker Group is a group of islands in the Arafura Sea. The group lies offshore from Cobourg Peninsula, and is part of the Northern Territory of Australia. The group is Aboriginal freehold land, held by the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust.[1]

Croker Group
Croker Group
New Year Island (Northern Territory, Australia)
LocationArafura Sea
Coordinates11.1°S 132.7°E / -11.1; 132.7
StateNorthern Territory
RegionTop End

The group consists of at least 12 named islands, and a number of small unnamed islands and rocks. By far the largest island of the group is Croker Island, which has an area of 331 km². Croker Island is also the only permanently inhabited island in the group. None of the other islands in the group is larger than 15 km².

List of Islands

Croker Island331 km²11.1333331°S 132.55°E / -11.1333331; 132.55 (Croker Island)
Peacock Island0.09 km²[2]11.025°S 132.458°E / -11.025; 132.458 (Peacock Island)
Oxley Island2 km²11.00°S 132.826°E / -11.00; 132.826 (Oxley Island)
New Year Island1 km²10.908°S 133.031°E / -10.908; 133.031 (New Year Island)
McCluer Island9 km² [3]11.07°S 133.0°E / -11.07; 133.0 (McCluer Island)
Lawson Island3 km²11.05°S 132.86°E / -11.05; 132.86 (Lawson Island)
Delphinia Island0.6 km²11.0823°S 132.8775°E / -11.0823; 132.8775 (Delphinia Island)
Grant Island12 km²11.156°S 132.89°E / -11.156; 132.89 (Grant Island)
Valencia Island3 km²11.383°S 132.785°E / -11.383; 132.785 (Valencia Island)
Cowlard Island0.02 km²11.31669°S 132.78366°E / -11.31669; 132.78366 (Cowlard Island)
Templer Island1 km²11.28927°S 132.727976°E / -11.28927; 132.727976 (Templer Island)
Darch Island6 km²11.19519°S 132.662578°E / -11.19519; 132.662578 (Darch Island)


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