Croatian Olympic Committee

The Croatian Olympic Committee (Croatian: Hrvatski olimpijski odbor (HOO)) is the non-profit organization representing Croatian athletes in the International Olympic Committee. The COC organizes Croatia's representatives at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. It also organizes the Croatian contingent at smaller events such as the Mediterranean Games.

Croatian Olympic Committee
Croatian Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Croatia
HeadquartersZagreb, Croatia
PresidentZlatko Mateša
Secretary GeneralJosip Čop

Members of the committee are 44 sports federations, which elect the Executive Council composed of the president and 15 members.

In 2006, the COC organized the first Croatian World Games in Zadar. These games gather various groups of diaspora Croats against contingents from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Croatian Olympic Committee was founded on 10 September 1991 in Zagreb. IOC was temporally recognised Committee on 17 January 1992, which was entered way to Croatian athletes in the international olympic family. They are participate first time in Winter Olympics in Albertville and Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona. Full recognised by the IOC was on 24 September 1993.


Antun Vrdoljak 1991–2000
Zdravko Hebel 2000–2002
Zlatko Mateša 2002–present

Croatians in the International Olympic Committee

Franjo Bučar 1919–1927
Boris Bakrač 1961–1987
Antun Vrdoljak 1991–2000

Executive committee

The 2016-2020 committee of the HOO is represented by:

  • President: Zlatko Mateša
  • Vice Presidents: Damir Martin, Željko Jerkov, Sanda Čorak, Morana Paliković Gruden
  • Members: Zlatko Taritaš, Stevo Tkalčec, Boris Mesarić, Željan Konsuo, Branimir Bašić, Miho Glavić, Marijan Hanžeković, Ivo-Goran Munivrana, Zrinko Gregurek, Damir Knjaz, Zvjezdana Tuma Pavlov

Member federations

The Croatian National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 37 Olympic Summer and 7 Winter Sport Federations in Croatia.

National FederationSummer or WinterHeadquarters
Croatian Archery FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Athletics FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Badminton AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Baseball AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Basketball FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Biathlon FederationWinterZagreb
Croatian Bobsleigh and Skeleton FederationWinterSplit
Croatian Boxing FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Canoe FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Curling FederationWinterZagreb
Croatian Cycling FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Diving FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Equestrian FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Fencing FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Football FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Gymnastics FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Golf FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Handball FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Hockey FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Ice Hockey AssociationWinterZagreb
Croatian Judo FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Karate FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Long Distance Swimming FederationSummerStari Grad
Croatian Luge FederationWinterSplit
Croatian Modern Pentathlon FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Mountaineering AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Roller Skating AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Rowing FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Rugby UnionSummerZagreb
Croatian Sailing FederationSummerSplit
Croatian Shooting FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Skating FederationWinterZagreb
Croatian Ski AssociationWinterZagreb
Croatian Softball AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Swimming FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Synchronized Swimming FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Table Tennis AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Taekwondo FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Tennis AssociationSummerZagreb
Croatian Triathlon FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Volleyball FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Water Polo FederationSummerZagreb
Croatian Weightlifting FederationSummerSplit
Croatian Wrestling AssociationSummerZagreb

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