Crime in Formula One

Crime in Formula One (Italian: Delitto in Formula Uno) is a 1984 Italian "poliziottesco"-comedy film written and directed by Bruno Corbucci. It is the tenth chapter in the Nico Giraldi film series starred by Tomas Milian.[1][2]

Crime in Formula One
Italian theatrical release poster by Renato Casaro
Directed byBruno Corbucci
Produced byMario Cecchi Gori
Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Written byMario Amendola
Bruno Corbucci
StarringTomas Milian
Music byFabio Frizzi
Edited byDaniele Alabiso


At the Italian Grand Prix at Monza a great champion becomes the victim of a mysterious accident. An ugly mess, until an unusual cop arrives from Rome, very rude in manner, in colorful dress and with a head full of very unconventional ideas...


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