Crazy Desire

Crazy Desire (originally titled as La voglia matta, also known as The Crazy Urge) is a 1962 Italian comedy film directed by Luciano Salce.[1] It launched the film career of Catherine Spaak.[2] The film initially was banned by the Italian censors and then cut in some parts and released with a ban for persons under 14 years.[3]

Crazy Desire
Directed byLuciano Salce
Written byCastellano & Pipolo
Luciano Salce
StarringUgo Tognazzi
Catherine Spaak
Music byEnnio Morricone
CinematographyErico Menczer
Release date


Antonio Berlinghieri (Ugo Tognazzi) is a 39-year-old engineer and father travelling on a highway one summer in his sports car when he sees a broken-down car with a group of teenagers. He stops to help them but soon discovers that the young men have a frivolous attitude. At first, he thinks of leaving to continue his trip but then notices the beauty of Francesca (Catherine Spaak), a fifteen year old girl. He decides to remain with the group to try to seduce or marry the girl, despite the difference in age.



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