Court of Common Council

The Court of Common Council is the primary decision-making body of the City of London Corporation. It meets nine times per year. Most of its work is carried out by committees. Elections are held at least every four years. It is largely composed of independent members although the number of Labour Party Common Councilmen in 2017 grew to five out of a total of 100.[1] In October 2018, the Labour Party gained its sixth seat on the Common Council with a by-election victory in Castle Baynard ward.[2]

Court of Common Council elected March 2017

Ward Councilmen elected March 2017 Party
Aldersgate (6)Joyce C NashInd.
Barbara NewmanInd.
Jeremy MayhewInd.
Randall AndersonInd.
Adrian BastowInd.
Richard CrossanLabour
Aldgate (5)Douglas BarrowInd.
Andrien MeyersInd.
Hugh MorrisInd.
Sylvia MoysInd.
Dhruv PatelInd.
Bassishaw (2)Graeme HarrowerInd.
Robert MerrettInd.
Billingsgate (2)Jamie Ingham ClarkInd.
Michael WelbankInd.
Bishopsgate (6)Simon DuckworthInd.
Prem GoyalInd.
Wendy HydeInd.
Andrew Paul MayerInd.
Patricia ScotlandInd.
Tom SleighInd.
Bread Street(2)Oliver LodgeInd.
Giles ShilsonInd.
Bridge(2)Tim LeveneInd.
Keith BottomleyInd.
Broad Street(3)John BennettInd.
Christopher HaywardInd.
John ScottInd.
Candlewick(2)Kevin EverettInd.
James de SausmarezInd.
Castle Baynard(8)Catherine McGuinnessInd.
Christopher BodenInd.
Emma EdhemInd.
Michael HudsonInd.
Angus Knowles-CutlerInd.
Graham PackhamInd.
Henrika PriestInd.
Jeremy SimonsInd.
Cheap(3)Alastair MossInd.
Nicholas Bensted-SmithInd.
Tijs BroekeInd.
Coleman Street (4)Michael CassidyInd.
Sophie FernandesInd.
Stuart FraserInd.
Andrew McMurtrieInd.
Cordwainer (3)Alex BarrInd.
Mark BoleatInd.
Michael SnyderInd.
Cornhill (3)Stephen HainesInd.
Peter DunphyInd.
Ian SeatonInd.
Cripplegate (8)John TomlinsonInd.
Mark BostockInd.
David BradshawInd.
Mary DurcanLabour
Vivienne LittlechildInd.
Susan PearsonInd.
William PimlottLabour
Stephen QuilterInd.
Dowgate (2)Henry PollardInd.
Mark WheatleyInd.
Farringdon Within (8)Clare JamesInd.
Thomas AndersonInd.
Matthew BellInd.
Karina DostalovaInd.
Christopher HillInd.
Ann HolmesInd.
Richard ReganInd.
Graeme SmithInd.
Farringdon Without (10)John AbsalomInd.
George AbrahamsInd.
Caroline AddyInd.
Gregory LawrenceInd.
Edward LordInd.
Paul MartinelliInd.
Wendy MeadInd.
Ruby SayedInd.
Oliver SellsInd.
William UptonInd.
Langbourn (3)Philip WoodhouseInd.
John ChapmanInd.
Judith PleasanceInd.
Lime Street (4)Elizabeth RogulaInd.
Dominic ChristianInd.
Thomas ClementiInd.
Henry ColthurstInd.
PortsokenHenry JonesInd.
Munsur AliLabour
John FletcherInd.
Jason PritchardLabour
QueenhitheBrian MooneyInd.
Caroline HainesInd.
TowerRoger ChadwickInd.
Anne FairweatherInd.
Marianne FredericksInd.
James TumbridgeInd.
VintryTom HoffmanInd.
Rehana AmeerInd.
WalbrookJames ThomsonInd.
Peter BennettInd.


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  2. Natasha Lloyd-Owen wins Castle Baynard by-election
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