County of Metz

The County of Metz originated from the frankish Metzgau. In the second half of the 9th century it went to the Gerhardiner (de), which held at the same time the County of Paris.

Over the Gerhardiner went the County—perhaps even in male lineage—to the Matfriede, which furthermore in 1047 received the title of Duke in Lorraine, namely Gerard IV, Duke of Alsace (c. 1030 – 1070), Seigneur of Châtenois (see also House of Châtenois).

The County of Metz stood little time later under the high dignity of the Bishopric of Metz, to which it then integrated itself.

From 1189 the city of Metz was a Free Imperial City of the German Holy Roman Empire.

Counts of Metz

  • Buvinus, Count of Metz, 842/862 attested (Buviniden)
  • Adalhard of Metz (died 890). Children:
  • Gerhard I (fr) (c.870 - 910), son of Adalhard. Married Oda, widow of Zwentibold, king of Lotharingia. They had four children, including Gottfried of Jülich (de) (c.905 - a.949).
  • Matfried (died 930), son of Adalhard. Count of Metz from 926 (?). Married Lantsind, daughter of Radald and his wife Rotrud. They had three children:
  • Adalbert I (born c.900, died 944), son of Matfried. Married Luitgard of Aachen (c.910 - a.960), daughter of either Wigerich III of Aachen? (d. 916/919), Count of Bidgau with Kunigunde of Lorraine, granddaughter of Louis II of France, or more likely, a less known Wideric from Bidgau-Trier, son of Roric. Children:
    • Matfried (b.a. 944) and possibly a daughter Luitgarde
  • Gerhard II (c.920 - a.963), from 963 Count of Metz, Vogt of Remiremont, son of Gottfried of Jülich (de) (Matfriede) and grandson of Gerhard I. With an unknown wife Gerhard had two possible sons:
    • Richard and Gerhard
  • Richard (or Gerhard), (950/55 - a. 986), may also be son of Count Matfried. Vogt of Remiremont.
  • 982-1022 : Gerhard III (died 1024/25), son of either Count Richard, or Gerhard, son of Gerhard II, with siblings Adalbert and Adelheid (975 - 1039/46).
  • 1022-1033 : Adalbert II (b. 974 - 1033/37 in Bouzonville), brother or son to Gerhard III. Married Judith of Öhningen (c.975 - c. 1038). They had one registered child:
  • 1033-1045: Gerhard IV (nl) (d. 1044/1045), son of Adalbert II. He married Gisela and had several children:

Counts Palatine of Metz

  • 982-995 : Folmar I, Count of Bliesgau (d. 995), Count of Lunéville and of Metz. Married Bertha and had possibly:
  • 995-1026 : Folmar II, Count of Bliesgau (d.a. 1026), son of Folmar I, married to Gerberge, probably daughter of Godfrey I, Count of Verdun (d.c. 1002) and of Mathilde of Saxony, daughter of Hermann, Duke of Saxony
  • 1029-1056 : Godefroy, Count of Metz (d. 1056), son of Folmar II, married Judith.
  • 1056-1075 : Folmar III/VI, Count of Metz (d. 1075), son of Godefroy, married Swanechilde (Suanehilde). They had Folmar IV/VII.

Counts (Palatine?) of Metz


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