County of Eberstein

The Counts of Eberstein were a family of nobility in the southwest of Germany. From 1085 up into the 13th century they lived in the castle known today as Alt Eberstein which lies on a mountain top between the valleys of the rivers Murg and Oos (in Ebersteinburg, now an outlying district of Baden-Baden). They then moved to Neu Eberstein, today known as Schloss Eberstein, near Gernsbach.

County of Eberstein

Grafschaft Eberstein
Coat of arms
CapitalAlt Ebersteina
Neu Ebersteinb
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 Sold land to Baden
 Comital line extinct,
    to Speyer and
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Margraviate of Baden
Bishopric of Speyer
Duchy of Württemberg
a: Alt Eberstein is in Ebersteinburg, now an outlying district of Baden-Baden.
b: Neu Eberstein is now known as Schloss Eberstein, near Gernsbach.

From 1085, the counts were Vögte of Reichenbach Priory.

After the financial ruin of Wolf von Eberstein in 1387, half of the family possessions had to be sold to the Margraves of Baden. When the last male member of the family died in 1660, the remaining possessions were taken over by the bishopric of Speyer and by the duchy of Württemberg.

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