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The county football associations are the local governing bodies of association football in England and the Crown dependencies. County FAs exist to govern all aspects of football in England. They are responsible for administering club and player registration as well as promoting development amongst those bodies and referees.

Most of the county FAs align roughly along historic county boundaries, although some cover more than one county, and some of the major cities, particularly those with a strong football tradition, have their own FAs.[1] The Sheffield FA was the first to be created, in 1867. Several institutions have county FA status in their own right, including Cambridge and Oxford universities, the armed forces, and the Amateur Football Alliance, which has a strong presence in the south-east of England.

County football associations host 'county cups' – knockout cup competitions held at a sub-regional level, which are open to all affiliated members of the county FA. Typically, county FAs will host county cup competitions at the following levels: senior, intermediate, junior, women's, veterans, senior Sunday football, intermediate Sunday football and junior Sunday football.

The county football associations, along with their fellow associations from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland ran the Tesco Cup, a tournament for players under 16, from 2005 to 2011.

List of county FAs


Association Founded Main county cup
Amateur Football Alliance 1907 AFA Senior Cup
Army 1888 Army FA Challenge Cup
Bedfordshire 1894 Bedfordshire Senior Cup
Berks & Bucks 1878 Berks & Bucks Senior Cup
Birmingham 1875 Birmingham Senior Cup
Cambridgeshire 1884 Cambridgeshire Invitation Cup
Cheshire 1878 Cheshire Senior Cup
Cornwall 1889 Cornwall Senior Cup
Cumberland 1885 Cumberland Senior Cup
Derbyshire 1883 Derbyshire Senior Cup
Devon 1887 Devon St Lukes Challenge Cup
Dorset 1887 Dorset Senior Cup
Durham 1883 Durham Challenge Cup
East Riding 1903 East Riding Senior Cup
English Schools 1904
Essex 1882 Essex Senior Cup
Gloucestershire 1886 Gloucestershire Senior Cup
Guernsey 1894 Guernsey FA Cup
Hampshire 1887 Hampshire Senior Cup
Herefordshire 1893 Herefordshire Senior Cup
Hertfordshire 1886 Herts Senior Cup
Huntingdonshire 1886 Huntingdonshire Senior Cup
Isle of Man 1890 Isle of Man FA Cup
Jersey 1905 Le Riche Cup
Kent 1881 Kent Senior Cup
Lancashire 1878 Lancashire Senior Cup
Leicestershire & Rutland 1887 Leicestershire and Rutland Senior Cup
Lincolnshire 1881 Lincolnshire Senior Cup
Liverpool 1882 Liverpool Senior Cup
London 1882 London Senior Cup
Manchester 1884 Manchester Senior Cup
Middlesex 1883 Middlesex Senior Cup
Norfolk 1881 Norfolk Senior Cup
North Riding 1881 North Riding Senior Cup
Northamptonshire 1887 Northamptonshire Senior Cup
Northumberland 1882 Northumberland Senior Cup
Nottinghamshire 1882 Nottinghamshire Senior Cup
Oxfordshire 1884 Oxfordshire Senior Cup
Royal Air Force 1920 Royal Air Force FA Cup
Royal Navy 1904 Royal Navy FA Cup
Sheffield and Hallamshire 1867 Sheffield and Hallamshire Senior Cup
Shropshire 1877 Shropshire Senior Cup
Somerset 1885 Somerset Premier Cup
Staffordshire 1887 Staffordshire Senior Cup
Suffolk 1885 Suffolk Senior Cup
Surrey 1877 Surrey Senior Cup
Sussex 1882 Sussex Senior Challenge Cup
Westmorland 1897 Westmorland Senior Challenge Cup
West Riding 1896 West Riding County Cup
Wiltshire 1886 Wiltshire County FA Senior Cup
Worcestershire 1893 Worcestershire Senior Cup

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