Count of Soissons

This is a list of those who bore the title Count of Soissons (French: Comte de Soissons) and ruled Soissons and its civitas or diocese as a county in the Middle Ages. The title continued in use into modern times, but without ties to the actual Soissonnais.



  • 9881047 Adelise, daughter of the previous.



House of Nesle

  • 11411178 Yves II le Vieux (the Old), great-grandson of William Busac
  • 11781180 Conon, nephew of the previous
  • 11801235 Raoul le Bon, brother of the previous
  • 12351270 John II le Bègue (the Stammerer), son of the previous
  • 12701284 John III, son of the previous
  • 12841289 John IV, son of the previous
  • 12891298 John V, son of the previous
  • 12981306 Hugh, brother of the previous
  • 13061344 Margaret, daughter of the previous.



After the Battle of Poitiers, Louis III sold the County of Soissons to Engeurrand VII in order to ransom his brother Guy.


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