Counsel for Romance

Counsel for Romance (French: Un mauvais garçon) is a 1936 French romantic comedy film directed by Jean Boyer and Raoul Ploquin and starring Danielle Darrieux, Henri Garat and Jean Dax.

Counsel for Romance
Theatrical poster
Directed byJean Boyer
Raoul Ploquin
Produced byRaoul Ploquin
Written byJean Boyer
StarringDanielle Darrieux
Henri Garat
Jean Dax
Music byGeorges Van Parys
CinematographyEwald Daub
Edited byKlaus Stapenhorst
L'Alliance Cinématographique Européenne (ACE)
Distributed byACE
Release date
18 December 1936 (France)[2]
7 September 1938 (USA)
5 January 1944 (France, re-release)
Running time
90 minutes


The film was made as a co-production between the German studio UFA and its French subsidiary ACE. It was made at UFA's Babelsberg Studios in Berlin, with location shooting taking place in Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Artur Günther and Max Knaake. The music is by Georges Van Parys.


A young female lawyer refuses to get married as she thinks only of her work. But soon her father sends a crook so that she dedicates herself. Gradually, she begins to love the charming swindler.



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