Corps Regimental Sergeant Major

Corps Regimental Sergeant Major[1] (Corps RSM) is the most senior warrant officer of the Royal Marines. Responsible for maintaining standards and discipline within the Royal Marines, they act as a parental figure to their subordinates and also to junior officers, even though they technically outrank the RSM.

Corps Regimental Sergeant Major
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Dave Mason

since April 2018
Ministry of Defence
Reports toCommandant General Royal Marines
NominatorCommandant General Royal Marines
AppointerNavy Board
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–4 years)
Inaugural holderDavid Malcolm Stollery MBE

Former Corps RSM Phil Gilby carries the sword of Major Alastair Donald, which was presented to him by Donald's widow.[2]

Post creation

The post was created in 1989.[3] He is addressed as "Mr" by officers and "Sir" by all other ranks. Routinely known as "the Corps RSM"

"It has been decided to appoint a representative Regimental Sergeant Major, who will be responsible for centralised events involving Warrant Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers and upon who the Commandant General can call for advice should he so desire. The Warrant officers so appointed will be called the Corps Regimental Sergeant Major (Corps RSM)"

Royal Marine Routine Orders, Monday 20th February 1989. (signed by Maj. Gen. H. Y. La R. Beverley)

List of Royal Marines Corps Regimental Sergeant Majors

The rank of the Corps Regimental Sergeant Majors would be listed as "WO1 (Corps) RSM". This is an amalgamation of a rank and an appointment: the rank is Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1); the appointment is Corps RSM.

Corps Regimental Sergeant Majors
David Malcolm Stollery MBE1 January 198922 January 1990[3][4]
John "Jan" Kenneth Palmer MBE9 December 19894 April 1992[4]
J. D. "Des" W. MBE MM1 April 199224 April 1994[4]
W. J. "Willy" S.21 September 19936 March 1995[4]
W. N. M. "Nev" W. MBE4 January 19954 April 1998[4]
K. R.2 December 199716 November 1999[4]
R. T. MBE13 September 199914 October 2002[4]
John Anthony "George" Forster14 October 200228 November 2004[5][6]
E. A. C. MBE29 November 200431 January 2007
B. A. "Baz" D. MBE1 February 200719 October 2009
Marc Wicks MBE20 October 200914 July 2011[7]
Allistair Iain "Ally" McGill MBE QGM21 July 201119 November 2014[8]
Philip Steven "Phil" Gilby19 November 2014April 2018[9]
Dave MasonApril 2018Present[10]

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