Corowa-Rutherglen Football Club

The Corowa-Rutherglen Football Netball Club, nicknamed the Kangaroos, is an Australian rules football and netball club based in the town of Corowa in New South Wales. Corowa-Rutherglen's football and netball squads currently play in the Ovens & Murray Football League.

Full nameCorowa-Rutherglen Football Netball Club
Club details
Founded1979 (1979)
CompetitionOvens & Murray Football League
PresidentGraham Hosier
Premierships(2): 2000, 2003
Ground(s)John Foord Oval
Other information

The club is notable for producing many VFL / AFL football players over many years, including John Longmire.


The club was formed in 1979 when the Corowa Spiders and the Rutherglen Redlegs merged to become the "Corowa-Rutherglen Roos".

Additionally surplus players formed the Rutherglen-Corowa Cats in 1979 and competed in the Coreen & District Football League for 13 seasons, before moving to the Ovens & King Football League for 11 seasons. Today the club is known as the Rutherglen Cats, dropping "Corowa" from their name in 2002, and have competed in the Tallangatta & District Football League since 2004.

In the 2016 Ovens & Murray FNL season it was announced that the Corowa-Rutherglen FNC would move the round 11 home match to Rutherglen's Barkley Park. This marked the first time a match was played in Rutherglen for premiership points since the 1981 Ovens & Murray FL season.[1] Traditionally the Rutherglen Cats do not play on the Queen's Birthday Weekend as the town hosts the annual Winery Walkabout.

Accompanying the return was a pre-match luncheon with many guest speakers, including Rutherglen O&M Hall of Famer Bill Gayfer, Mick Gayfer, John Pearce, Corowa-Rutherglen's O&M Hall of Famer Jim Sandral, Dennis Sandral, John Clancy, and Peter Chisnall. At the luncheon it was suggested by Corowa-Rutherglen official Fred Longmire that both the Corowa-Rutherglen FNC & Rutherglen FNC could be run by a one-commission model, which would include three representatives from both clubs, an independent chairperson and a paid general manager to run 12 football and nine netball teams in the O&M and T&D football leagues.[2][3][4][5]

Year G B Pts Home G B Pts Away Report
2016 6 11 47 Corowa-Rutherglen 10 6 68 Wodonga Report (Saturday June 11)


Notable players

VFL / AFL players recruited from CRFNC

Team of the Century (1903-2003)

Team of the Century [7]
B: F. King D. Sandral L. Jackson
HB: W. Francis J. Sandral J. Kingston
C: A. Dunn W. Gayfer W. O'Donoghue
HF: D. Carroll N. Hawking G. Tobias 1
F: A. Francis R. Baker A. McCauley
Foll: M. Mills J. King J. Clancy
Int: J. Lane A. Way C. Dickins
Coach: P. Tossol
Team ref
  • 1 G. Tobias was named in the Team of the Century for his career with the Corowa FC. He was also a foundation player for the Corowa-Rutherglen FC in 1979

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