Cordillera Domeyko

The Cordillera Domeyko is a mountain range of the Andes located in northern Chile, west of Salar de Atacama. It runs north-south for approximately 600 km,[1] parallel to the main chain. The mountain range marks the eastern border of the flat parts of Atacama Desert.

Cordillera Domeyko
Cerro Quimal in the distance
Highest point
PeakCerro Quimal
Elevation4,278 m (14,035 ft)
Coordinates23°7′S 68°40′W
Length600 km (370 mi) north-south
Range coordinates24°30′S 69°00′W
Parent rangeCentral Andes

Cordillera Domeyko was named after Ignacy Domeyko and is the world's lowest humidity mountain range.[2]


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