Cor-Bon/Glaser LLC is a manufacturer of small arms ammunition.

Corbon Inc.
Fatetakeover (after bankruptcy in November, 2017)
Founded1982 (1982)
FounderPeter Pi, Sr.
OwnerTA Perrine


Based in Sturgis, South Dakota, Cor-Bon/Glaser Ammunition originated when Peter Pi Sr. started making handgun hunting ammo in 1982 because the commonly available ammunition at that time was performing poorly.[1] Pi noticed that hollow point ammunition would not expand and went about creating a line of ammunition with reliable expansion. Pi's philosophy in creating his line of ammunition can be summed up by this quote: "Velocity is the key to making hollowpoint bullets work. The added velocity assures that the hollowpoint will open up even if plugged with material. This reduces the risk of overpenetration and allows the action of the hollowpoint bullet to dump the available energy into the target."

CorBon Law Enforcement Training Center

On June 23, 2011 the company opened the CorBon Law Enforcement Training Center (CLETC) in Sturgis, South Dakota. The center has several shooting ranges to train law enforcement officers.[2] CLETC closed in 2015 due to a lack of business.

Product Lines

Cor-bon produces several product lines of ammunition:[3]

  • Original JHP
  • DPX [4]
  • Performance Match
  • Urban Response
  • Hunting Lines
  • Multi-Purpose Rifle
  • Subsonic Ammo

Glaser Safety Slug has several product lines:[3]

  • Powerball
  • Safety Slug Blue
  • Safety Slug Silver

Note: Some of these products produce Plus P pressures. Do not use in your firearms unless you know for certain it is Plus P capable![3]

Original Products

Cor-Bon designed and developed the .32 NAA, essentially a .380 ACP case necked-down to a .32 caliber bullet, and the NAA Guardian .32 NAA pocket pistol in partnership with North American Arms (NAA).[5] At the 2004 SHOT Show, Cor-Bon and NAA introduced their jointly developed .25 NAA.[6]

.400 Cor-Bon is a Cor-Bon cartridge that was developed in 1997.[7] In the same manner as the .32 NAA, it was based off a .45 ACP case necked-down to .40.[8]

Cor-bon is owned by Dakota Ammo Incorporated, makers of firearms and ammunition.[9]


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