Copenhagen Harbour Buses

The Copenhagen Harbour Buses (Danish: Københavns Havnebusser) is a system of water buses along the harbourfront of Copenhagen, Denmark, operated by Movia which is also operating the regular buses in the city. Four vessels are used, Holmen, Bryggen, Nordhavn and Nyhavn. The Harbour Buses are integrated in the Copenhagen public transport system with the same payment system as buses, Metro or DSB trains.[1]

Copenhagen Harbour Buses
LocaleCopenhagen, Denmark
WaterwayCopenhagen Harbour
Transit typeCommuter boats, ferries and tourist/leisure services
Began operation2000
No. of lines3
No. of terminals10

Routes and stops

The Copenhagen Harbour Buses network has three bus routes, serving a total of 10 different bus stops, along the harbourfront, six on Zealand-side and four on Amager-side. The line network was rationalized in the 2010s, with the former lines 901, 902 and 904 merged into one line running the entire span of the harbour, using two different numbers depending on the direction. The Opera shuttle line was retained, but renamed from 903 to 993.

991 & 992

Routes 991 and 992 serves the following busstops in opposite directions, 991 going south and 992 going north through the harbour. The following are the stops on both lines in the running order of the 991 (southwards) - 992 does the same stops in reverse direction:


Route 993 serves as a shuttle service between Nyhavn, Experimentarium and the Opera, Monday-Friday from 9-18, and between the Opera and Nyhavn only between 18-23.

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