Copenhagen Fire Department

The Greater Copenhagen Fire Department (Danish. Hovedstadens Beredskab, formerly Københavns Brandvæsen) forms the largest municipal fire brigade in Denmark with more than 1000 employees, this includes firefighters, ambulance personnel, administration and service workers, workers in prevention.[1]


The brigade began as the Copenhagen Royal Fire Brigade (Københavns kongelige Brandvæsen) on 9 July 1687 under King Christian V. After the passing of the Copenhagen Fire Act on 18 May 1868, on 1 August 1870 the Copenhagen Fire Brigade became a municipal institution in its own right. In 1898, its responsibilities were extended to include the Ambulance Service. The Helmeted Firemen Service was inaugurated in 1930 and the Civil Contingency Planning Department in 1998.[2] The fire department has its headquarters in the Copenhagen Central Fire Station located behind the City Hall. Designed by Ludvig Fenger in the Historicist style, it was inaugurated in 1892.[3]

On April 28, 2013 suspected arsonist fire ripped through the Museum of Danish Resistance[4] in Copenhagen. Firefighters arrived within minutes of the alarm and quickly determined, that the old, largely wooden structure couldn't be saved, so the fire fighters were split into groups either stalling the blaze or emptying the museum for its historical artefacts from World War II. The department managed to clear close to all the artifacts, thereby rescuing the heritage of the Danish resistance movement during the Nazi occupation of Denmark almost in its entirety. For this action, the Danish National Museum in 2014 awarded the Copenhagen Fire Department its jubilee medal for invaluable service.[5]

Fire stations

Copenhagen Central Fire Station

Copenhagen Central Fire Station (Danish: Københavns Hovedbrandstation) is located to the rear of Copenhagen City Hall.

Christianshavn Fire Station

Christianshavn Fire Station (Christianshavn Brandstation) is located at Markmandsgade 15 in Christianshavn.

Frederiksberg Fire Station

Frederiksberg Fire Station (Frederiksberg Brandstation) is located on Howitzvej (No. 26( in Frederiksberg. The building is part of a complex which also comprises Solbjerg Church and Frederiksberg Courthouse..

Fælledvej Fire Station

Fælledvej Fire Station (Fælledvej Brandstation) is located on Fælledvej (No. 20 A( in Nørrebro.

Østerbro Fire Station

Østerbro Fire Station (Østerbro Brandstation) is located on Østbanegade (No. 89) in Østerbro.

Vesterbro Fire Station

Vesterbro Fire Station (Vesterbro Brandstation( is located on Enghavevej (Bo. 168-170) in Kongens Enghave.

Tomsgården Fire Station

Tomsgården Fire Station (Tomsgården Brandstation) is located at Frederikssundsvej 83 B in Bispebjerg.

Glostrup Fire Station

Glostrup Fire station (Glostrup Brandstation) is located at Bryggergårdsvej 3 in Glostrup.

Hvidovre Fire Station

Hvidovre Fire Station (Hvidovre Brandstation) is located at Avedøre Havnevej 37 in Hvidovre.

Gearhallen Dispatch

Gearhallen Dispatch (Gearhallen Alarm- og vagtcentral) is located at Gearhalsvej 1 in Valby.

Drgør Fire Station

Dragør Fire Station (Dragør Brandstation) is located at Nyby 4 in Dragør.

Store Magleby Fire Station

Store Magleby Fire Station (Store Magleby Brandstation) is located at Kirkevej 9 in Dragør.


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