Copeland Trophy

The E.W. Copeland Trophy is an Australian rules football award given by the Collingwood Football Club to the player adjudged best and fairest for Collingwood during the year.

The Copeland Shield, as it was formerly known, was donated by Ern Copeland, the secretary who came to the club in 1895 and led the club through the 1890s depression, saving it from financial ruin. He remained an employee of Collingwood for 29 years, finally retiring in 1924. The trophy was unveiled in 1932, with the best and fairest award winners from the previous five years engraved on the trophy.[1]

Along with the Copeland Trophy, the R.T. Rush Trophy is awarded to the second best and fairest player, the J.J. Joyce Trophy is awarded to the third placed player, the Jock McHale Trophy to the fourth placed player, and the Jack Regan Trophy to the fifth placed player.

The voting system as of the 2017 AFL season, consists of five coaches awarding 22 votes per match, with no specific distribution required. If two players are tied at the end of the season, the player with the highest average votes-per-game is awarded the winner. If they are still tied, the player with the highest number of 'high value' votes is awarded the winner.[2]


^ Denotes current player
+ Player won Brownlow Medal in same season
Season Recipient(s) Ref.
1927Syd Coventry+
1928Harry Collier
1929Albert Collier+
1930Harry Collier+ (2)
1931Harold Rumney
1932Syd Coventry (2)
1933Gordon Coventry
1934Albert Collier (2)
1935Albert Collier (3)
1936Jack Regan
1937Des Fothergill
1938Des Fothergill (2)
1939Marcus Whelan+
1940Des Fothergill+ (3)
1941Jack Murphy
1942Alby Pannam
1946Phonse Kyne[3]
1947Phonse Kyne (2)[3]
1948Phonse Kyne (3)[3]
1949Bob Rose
1950Charlie Utting
1951Bob Rose (2)[3]
1952Bob Rose (3)[3]
1953Bob Rose (4)[3]
1954Neil Mann
1955Des Healey
1956Bill Twomey
1957Murray Weideman
1958Thorold Merrett
1959Thorold Merrett (2)
1960Ray Gabelich
1961Murray Weideman (2)
1962Murray Weideman (3)
1963Des Tuddenham
1964Ian Graham
1965Trevor Steer
1966Terry Waters
1967Len Thompson
1968Len Thompson (2)
1969Barry Price
1970Peter McKenna
1971Wayne Richardson
1972Len Thompson+ (3)
1973Len Thompson (4)
1974Wayne Richardson (2)
1975Phil Carman
1976Robert Hyde
1977Len Thompson (5)
1978Ray Shaw
1979Peter Moore+
1980Peter Moore (2)
1981Mark Williams
1982Peter Daicos
1983Billy Picken
1984Tony Shaw
1985Mark Williams (2)
1986Wes Fellowes
1987Darren Millane
1988Peter Daicos (2)
1989Gavin Brown
1990Tony Shaw (2)
1991Tony Francis
1992Mick McGuane
1993Mick McGuane (2)
1994Gavin Brown (2)
Nathan Buckley
1995Saverio Rocca
1996Nathan Buckley (2)
1997Gavin Brown (3)
1998Nathan Buckley (3)[3]
1999Nathan Buckley (4)[3]
2000Nathan Buckley (5)[3]
2001Paul Licuria[4]
2002Paul Licuria (2)[4]
2003Nathan Buckley+ (6)[5]
2004James Clement[6]
2005James Clement (2)[6]
2006Alan Didak[7]
2007Travis Cloke[8]
2008Dane Swan[3]
2009Dane Swan (2)[9]
2010Dane Swan (3)[3]
2011Scott Pendlebury^[10]
2012Dayne Beams^[11]
2013Scott Pendlebury^ (2)[12]
2014Scott Pendlebury^ (3)[13]
2015Scott Pendlebury^ (4)[14]
2016Scott Pendlebury^ (5)[15]
2017Steele Sidebottom^[16]
2018Steele Sidebottom^ (2)[17]
Brodie Grundy^
2019Brodie Grundy^ (2)[18]

Multiple winners

^ Denotes current player
Player Medals Seasons
Nathan Buckley61994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003
Scott Pendlebury^52011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Len Thompson51967, 1968, 1972, 1973, 1977
Bob Rose41949, 1951, 1952, 1953
Gavin Brown31989, 1994, 1997
Albert Collier31929, 1934, 1935
Des Fothergill31937, 1938, 1940
Phonse Kyne31946, 1947, 1948
Dane Swan32008, 2009, 2010
Murray Weideman31957, 1961, 1962
James Clement22004, 2005
Harry Collier21928, 1930
Syd Coventry21927, 1932
Peter Daicos21982, 1988
Brodie Grundy^22018, 2019
Paul Licuria22001, 2002
Mick McGuane21992, 1993
Thorold Merrett21958, 1959
Peter Moore21979, 1980
Wayne Richardson21971, 1974
Steele Sidebottom^22017, 2018
Tony Shaw21984, 1990
Mark Williams21981, 1985



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