Coomalie Creek Airfield

Coomalie Creek Airfield was a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) airfield built in 1942 in what is now the locality of Coomalie Creek, Northern Territory, Australia during World War II.[1]


The airfield was operated by No. 54 Operational Base Unit. The first unit to arrive was No. 31 Squadron, equipped with Bristol Beaufighters, in November 1942.

No. 1 Photo Reconnaissance Unit RAAF (1 PRU) arrived at the airfield in 1943 equipped with P-38 Lightnings, de Havilland Mosquitos and CAC Wirraways. 1PRU was re-designated No. 87 Squadron RAAF on 10 September 1944.

In November 1944, three Dakotas from No. 34 Squadron were detached to the airfield, prior to staging north of Australia.

No. 87 Squadron launched the last Australia-based operational RAAF mission of World War II from Coomalie Creek. The airfield was abandoned after World War II and is now in private ownership.

Part of Leg 9 of The Amazing Race 9 was conducted at Coomalie Creek Airfield.

Japanese air raids at Coomalie Creek Airfield

  • 23 November 1942
  • 27 November 1942
  • 2 March 1943
  • 13 August 1943
  • 21 August 1943
  • 10 November 1943

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