Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works

The Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works, located in Paterson, New Jersey, manufactured steam railroad locomotives from 1852 until it was merged with seven other manufacturers to form American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in 1901. ALCO continued building new locomotives at the Cooke plant until 1926.


Cooke opened in 1852 as Danforth-Cooke and produced nearly 3000 locomotives before ALCO closed the plant in February 1926.

In 1901, Cooke and several other locomotive manufacturers merged to form the American Locomotive Company; Cooke's plant becomes the Alco-Cooke Works.


Cooke built two 0-8-2 tank locomotives for the Port Talbot Railway and Docks Company, South Wales, in 1899. They also built the neighbouring Barry Railway's five class K 0-6-2T locomotives the same year.

Preserved Cooke locomotives

Following is a list of preserved locomotives built by Cooke before the ALCO merger in 1901. They are listed here in serial number order.[1]

Serial number Wheel arrangement
(Whyte notation)
Build date Operational owner(s) Disposition
unknown 4-4-0 October 1856 Western and Atlantic Railroad #49 Texas static display in Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia
277 4-2-4T October 1863 Central Pacific Railroad #3 C. P. Huntington, Southern Pacific Railroad #1 California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, California[2]
1555 2-6-0 February 1884 Colorado and Southern Railway #9 Georgetown Loop Railroad, Silver Plume, Colorado
1861 4-4-0 February 1888 Dardanelle and Russelville #8 Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, Nevada
2053 4-6-0 October, 1890 Union Pacific Railroad #1242 Lion's Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming
2054 4-6-0 October, 1890 Union Pacific Railroad #1243 Durham Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, Nebraska
2197 4-6-0 April 1892 Texas and New Orleans Railroad #314 Center for Transportation and Commerce, Galveston, Texas
2202 4-6-0 April 1892 Texas and New Orleans Railroad #319 Riverdale, Georgia
2341 4-6-0 July 1896 Southern Pacific Railroad #2248 Grapevine Vintage Railroad, Grapevine, Texas
2360 4-6-0 March 1897 Southern Pacific Railroad #2252 Overlooking the Union Pacific classification yard, Roseville, California[3]
2408 4-6-0 October 1898 Missouri Pacific Railroad #2522 Paris City Park, Paris, Arkansas

In addition to the above locomotives, the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad WP&YR} owns and maintains a steam-powered snowplow built by Cooke in 1899. This unit is on static display in Skagway, Alaska (see Rotary snowplow for a photo).



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