Conviction (Signal Aout 42 album)

Conviction is the third album by the electronic body music group Signal Aout 42. After this album, the band temporarily split up.

Studio album by
GenreElectronic body music
LabelAlora Music
ProducerBruno Van Garsse
Signal Aout 42 chronology

Track listing

All tracks written by Jacky Meurisse

  1. Shadow Man
  2. Virgin Blood
  3. Sexual Magazine
  4. Everybody Loves You
  5. Blinding By Fear
  6. Waterdome (Interlude Mix)
  7. Conviction
  8. Never Again
  9. Ended Up
  10. This Is The Place
  11. I Want To Push
  12. Golden Boys
  13. Ghost Of Life
  14. No Lies
  15. Waterdome (Brilliant Mix)
  16. Waterdome (Dome Mix)

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