The Conventionsthaler was a standard silver coin of the Holy Roman Empire. It was introduced in 1754 and contained one tenth of a Cologne mark of silver or about 23.39 grams. Its most famous example is the Maria Theresa thaler which is minted until today.

The Conventionsthaler succeeds the Reichsthaler (containing 25.98 g fine silver) as the standard coin in most of the Holy Roman Empire, with a variety of subdivisions being used:

During the early 19th century, the Conventionsthaler of 113 thaler (17.54 g fine silver per thaler) was superseded in Northern Germany by the Prussian thaler containing 1/14th of a Cologne mark or 16.70 g fine silver, while the Conventionsthaler of 2.4 South German gulden (9.73 g fine silver per gulden) was superseded by 2.7-gulden Kronenthalers containing 9.52 g fine silver per gulden. See Kronenthaler.

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