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A contributing editor is a newspaper, magazine or online job title that varies in its responsibilities. Often, but not always, a contributing editor is a 'high-end' freelancer, consultant or expert who has proven ability and has readership draw.[1] This contributing editor would regularly contribute articles to the publication but does not always edit articles. Here the title "editor" implies a certain level of prestige, rather than a more traditional editing role. In other instances, however, a contributing editor may oversee projects or specific aspects of a publication and have more regular editing duties. At smaller magazines, the title can imply a staff member with regular writing responsibility and some editorial duties. When a "contributing editor" is listed on the title page of a book, the term generally designates a person who has served as some kind of consultant in the book's preparation but who is not responsible for the book's final content.

Sources that Seek Contributing Editors


A contributing editor's salary can range from $40,000 to $60,000 per year.[2] Salaries vary depending on the company overseeing the project and the size of the project.

Job Responsibilities and Skills

A contributing editor's responsibilities may include, but are not confined to the following: developing content for articles, meeting deadlines, reviewing articles, solicited or unsolicited, editing grammar and content to ensure quality readership, attending conferences to develop editing skills, and exchanging ideas with others.[3] Proof of previous publication is encouraged when seeking a job in this field to establish one's credibility.[4]

If a media source is looking to hire a contributing editor, one may expect to see the following list of skills necessary to be considered for the job:[5]

NOTE: This role can mean different things depending on the work environment, but requires a tedious eye and lots of time nonetheless.


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