Constituencies of Jamaica

Constituencies and MPs as of 2019

The following is the list of constituencies as at April 2019, and the MP elected in each constituency.

CountyParishConstituencyMember of
CornwallHanoverHanover EasternDave BrownJamaica Labour Party2016
Hanover WesternIan HaylesPeople's National Party2007
Saint ElizabethSaint Elizabeth North EasternEvon RedmondPeople's National Party2016
Saint Elizabeth North WesternWilliam J.C. HutchinsonJamaica Labour Party1997
Saint Elizabeth South EasternFranklyn WitterJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint Elizabeth South WesternFloyd GreenJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint JamesSaint James CentralHeroy ClarkeJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint James East CentralEdmund BartlettJamaica Labour Party2002
Saint James North WesternHorace ChangJamaica Labour Party2002
Saint James SouthernDerrick KellierPeople's National Party1989
Saint James West CentralMarlene Malahoo ForteJamaica Labour Party2016
TrelawnyTrelawny NorthernVictor WrightPeople's National Party2016
Trelawny SouthernMarisa Dalrymple-PhilibertJamaica Labour Party2007
WestmorelandWestmoreland CentralDwayne VazPeople's National Party2014
Westmoreland EasternLuther BuchananPeople's National Party2006
Westmoreland WesternWykeham McNeillPeople's National Party1997
MiddlesexClarendonClarendon CentralMichael HenryJamaica Labour Party1980
Clarendon NorthernHorace DalleyPeople's National Party1989
Clarendon North CentralPearnel CharlesJamaica Labour Party2002
Clarendon North WesternRichard AzanPeople's National Party2011
Clarendon South EasternRudyard SpencerJamaica Labour Party2002
Clarendon South WesternNoel ArscottPeople's National Party2007
ManchesterManchester CentralPeter BuntingPeople's National Party2007
Manchester North EasternAudley ShawJamaica Labour Party1993
Manchester North WesternMikael PhillipsPeople's National Party2011
Manchester SouthernMichael StewartPeople's National Party2016
Saint AnnSaint Ann North EasternShahine RobinsonJamaica Labour Party2001
Saint Ann North WesternDayton CampbellPeople's National Party2011
Saint Ann South EasternLisa HannaPeople's National Party2007
Saint Ann South WesternZavia MayneJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint CatherineSaint Catherine CentralOlivia GrangeJamaica Labour Party1997
Saint Catherine EasternDenise DaleyPeople's National Party2011
Saint Catherine East CentralAnaldo TerrelongeJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint Catherine North CentralNatalie Neita-HeadleyPeople's National Party2007
Saint Catherine North EasternLeslie CampbellJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint Catherine North WesternRobert PickersgillPeople's National Party1989
Saint Catherine SouthernFitz JacksonPeople's National Party1997
Saint Catherine South CentralAndrew WheatleyJamaica Labour Party2011
Saint Catherine South EasternColin FaganPeople's National Party2007
Saint Catherine South WesternEverald WarmingtonJamaica Labour Party2002
Saint Catherine West CentralChristopher TuftonJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint MarySaint Mary CentralMorais GuyPeople's National Party2002
Saint Mary South EasternNorman DunnJamaica Labour Party
Saint Mary WesternRobert MontagueJamaica Labour Party2016
SurreyKingstonKingston CentralRonald ThwaitesPeople's National Party1997
Kingston East & Port RoyalPhillip PaulwellPeople's National Party1997
Kingston WesternDesmond McKenzieJamaica Labour Party2011
PortlandPortland EasternAnn-Marie VazJamaica Labour Party2019
Portland WesternDaryl VazJamaica Labour Party2007
Saint AndrewSaint Andrew EasternFayval WilliamsJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint Andrew East CentralPeter PhillipsPeople's National Party1989
Saint Andrew East RuralJuliet HolnessJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint Andrew North CentralKarl SamudaJamaica Labour Party1989
Saint Andrew North EasternDelroy ChuckJamaica Labour Party1997
Saint Andrew North WesternNigel ClarkeJamaica Labour Party2018
Saint Andrew SouthernMark GoldingPeople's National Party
Saint Andrew South EasternJulian RobinsonPeople's National Party2011
Saint Andrew South WesternAngela Brown-BurkePeople's National Party
Saint Andrew WesternAnthony HyltonPeople's National Party2007
Saint Andrew West CentralAndrew HolnessJamaica Labour Party1997
Saint Andrew West RuralJuliet Cuthbert-FlynnJamaica Labour Party2016
Saint ThomasSaint Thomas EasternFenton FergusonPeople's National Party1993
Saint Thomas WesternJames RobertsonJamaica Labour Party2002
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