Conrad III, Duke of Carinthia

Conrad III (died 1061), a member of the Ezzonid dynasty, was Duke of Carinthia[1] and Margrave of Verona from 1056 until his death.

Conrad III
Duke of Carinthia
Noble familyEzzonids
Spouse(s)Judith of Bohemia
FatherHezzelin of Zülpich


He was son of Hezzelin I, count in the Zülpichgau, and brother of Count palatine Henry I of Lotharingia. His mother possibly was a daughter of the late Salian duke Conrad I of Carinthia.

In 1055 he had joined the rebellion of his Ezzonid cousin Duke Conrad I of Bavaria and Duke Welf of Carinthia against Emperor Henry III. Nevertheless, upon Henry's death in 1056, he was pardoned by his widow Agnes of Poitou and enfeoffed with the Carinthian duchy. Conrad, however, did not succeed in imposing his authority on the powerful native aristocracy. He died five years later, having possibly never entered Carinthia. He was succeeded by the Zähringen duke Berthold II.


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Conrad III, Duke of Carinthia
 Died: 1061
Preceded by
Duke of Carinthia
Margrave of Verona

Succeeded by
Berthold II
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