Conquest of the Desert (exhibition)

Conquest of the Desert was a Specialised Expo recognised by the 28th General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions on 13 November 1951,[2] held in Jerusalem in 1953[3][4] at Binyanei Ha'uma, a convention center in Jerusalem. It focused on the themes of reclamation and population of desert area.[5]

1953 Jerusalem
BIE-classSpecialized exposition
NameInternational Exhibition and Fair Jerusalem Israel
MottoConquest of the Desert
Coordinates31.7865°N 35.2026°E / 31.7865; 35.2026
Awarded13 November 1951
Opening22 September 1953 (1953-09-22)
Closure14 October 1953 (1953-10-14)
Specialized expositions
PreviousThe International Textile Exhibition in Lille
NextThe International Exhibition of Navigation (1954) in Naples
Universal expositions
PreviousExposition internationale du bicentenaire de Port-au-Prince in Port-au-Prince
NextExpo 58 in Brussels
Horticultural expositions
NextFloriade 1960 in Rotterdam
SpecializedEA 53


The exhibition was opened on 22 September by president Ben Zvi and acting premier Moshe Sharett.[6] It lasted for 22 days, closing on 14 October. It was visited by 600,000 people.[7]

Thirteen foreign countries participated.[3] This included the United States, although it declared a boycott of the opening ceremony.[8] The Soviet Union declined to attend.[9] UNESCO and the World Health Organization also attended.[5]

Postage stamps commemorating the exhibition were designed by Abram Games.[5]

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