Conquest of the Air

Conquest of the Air is a 1936 documentary film or docudrama on the history of aviation, until the early stages of World War II. The film features historical footage, and dramatic re-creations, of the developments of commercial and military aviation; including the early stages of technology developments in design, propulsion, and air navigation aids. The film was a London Films production, commissioned by the Air Ministry of the British Government.

Conquest of the Air
Directed by
Produced byAlexander Korda
Written by
StarringLaurence Olivier
Music byArthur Bliss
Alexander Korda Productions
Distributed byLondon Films (UK)
Release date
December 1936 (UK)
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Production background

The film was initially commissioned by Alexander Korda prior to the advent of World War II, and the Air Ministry saw the value in promoting Britain's contribution and leadership in aviation during this period. Some notable footage is featured of the early phases of automated flight, navigational equipment, and the transitions between civil and military developments, including heavy bombers; fast fighter aircraft; and the advent of naval aviation (aircraft carrier), plus the initial experiments with vertical rotary flight (helicopters).

An updated version was released in 1940 and released in the United States on 20 May 1940.[1]

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