Connie Francis Sings German Favorites

Connie Francis sings German Favorites is a studio album of German songs recorded by U.S. entertainer Connie Francis.

Connie Francis sings German Favorites
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 1964
RecordedJune 21, 1960
March 14–15, 1961
June 3, 1961
April 12–14, 1962
February 5–6, 1963
E-4124 (mono)/SE-4124 (stereo)
ProducerDanny Davis, Gerhard Mendelsohn
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Connie Francis sings German Favorites
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Unlike the other installments in Francis' series of "Favorites"-albums, Connie Francis sings German Favorites does not focus on the traditional songs of a certain country or ethnic group. Beginning in 1960 with the overwhelming success of Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel, a German version of her U.S. #1 hit Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Francis had established herself in Germany as a respected performer of contemporary German music. By the time of the album's release Francis had enjoyed six # 1 hits on the German charts. Hence, Connie Francis sings German Favorites is more a typical Greatest Hits Album in the Pop Music genre.

Originally scheduled for release in late spring 1963, the album wasn't released until January 1964 because of the delayed release of Francis' 1962 album Connie Francis sings Award Winning Motion Picture Hits which had been scheduled for release in June 1962 but didn't hit the shops until May 1963.[1]

Track listing

Side A

# Title Songwriter Length
1."Wenn du gehst"Werner Scharfenberger, Fini Busch2.39
2."Eine Insel für zwei"Charly Niessen, Joachim Relin2.09
3."Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel"Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller, Ralph Maria Siegel2.38
4."Tu' mir nicht weh"Ted Murry, Benny Davis, Fini Busch2.58
5."Barcarole in der Nacht"Werner Scharfenberger, Kurt Feltz2.02
6."Nino"Werner Scharfenberger, Fini Busch2.32

Side B

# Title Songwriter Length
1."Paradiso"Wolfgang Zell2.39
2."Colombino"Charly Niessen, Joachim Relin2.42
3."Immer und überall"Erwin Halletz, Peter Wehle2.25
4."Schöner fremder Mann"Athina Hosey, Hal Gordon, Jean Nicolas2.41
5."Gondola d'amore"Charly Niessen, Joachim Relin2.36
6."Die Nacht ist mein (Tonight's my night)"Ted Murry, Benny Davis, Fini Busch2.34
7."Lili Marleen"Norbert Schultze, Hans Leip1.51


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