Connecticut Death Quads

The Connecticut Death Quads (CTDQ) is a men's roller derby league based in Waterbury, Connecticut. It consists of a single team, which plays against teams from other leagues.

Connecticut Death Quads
Metro areaWaterbury, CT
CountryUnited States
Track type(s)Flat
VenueRon-A-Roll Skating Center

Founded in 2007, the league played its first bout in July 2007.[1]

The league joined the Men's Derby Coalition in 2008, becoming its fourth member.[2][3] It competed in the first Derby Coalition championship, taking fourth place after losing to the New York Shock Exchange and Harm City Homicide.[4] The Coalition subsequently became the Men's Roller Derby Association.

The Death Quads have a close relationship with the CT RollerGirls women's derby league. In April 2013, it was ranked number 13 in the world.[5]


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