Confidence Girl

Confidence Girl is a 1952 American crime film written and directed by Andrew L. Stone. The film stars Tom Conway, Hillary Brooke, Eddie Marr, John Gallaudet, Jack Kruschen, Dan Riss and Walter Kingsford. The film was released on June 20, 1952, by United Artists.[1][2]

Confidence Girl
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAndrew L. Stone
Produced byAndrew L. Stone
Screenplay byAndrew L. Stone
Story byAndrew L. Stone
StarringTom Conway
Hillary Brooke
Eddie Marr
John Gallaudet
Jack Kruschen
Dan Riss
Walter Kingsford
Music byLucien Cailliet
CinematographyWilliam H. Clothier
Edited byVirginia L. Stone
Andrew L. Stone Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
  • June 20, 1952 (1952-06-20)
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited States


A con man, Roger Kingsley, convinces the Los Angeles police that, acting as an insurance company's investigator, he can help them apprehend a notorious swindler, a woman named Mary Webb.

Kingsley sets a trap at a department store and nabs Webb as she steals a mink coat. But while the store detective is contacting police, Webb, who is actually Kingsley's girlfriend, is permitted to escape. Kingsley, meantime, has now gained the trust of the L.A. cops.

In a second scam, Webb and Kingsley bilk a pawnshop owner out of several thousand dollars. She then prepares for their biggest con yet, a stage act at Johnny Gregg's nightclub in which Webb will pose as a clairvoyant. Her psychic powers amaze Gregg's customers, but it's all an elaborate ruse.

The suspicious cops set a trap. A dentist named Braddock is implicated in a murder, but while trying to save the life of what she believes to be an innocent man, Webb is tricked into confessing her scam in front of the club's entire audience. She and Kingsley are carted off to jail.


  • Tom Conway as Roger Kingsley
  • Hillary Brooke as Mary Webb
  • Eddie Marr as Johnny Gregg
  • John Gallaudet as Detective Chief Brownell
  • Jack Kruschen as Detective Sergeant Quinn
  • Dan Riss as Detective Lieutenant Fenton
  • Walter Kingsford as Mr. Markewell
  • Paul Livermore as Hal Speel
  • Aline Towne as Peggy Speel
  • Helen Van Tuyl as Maggie
  • Edmund Cobb as Detective Lieutenant Cobb
  • Truman Bradley as Narrator
  • Leo Cleary as Mr. Sheridan
  • Roy Engel as Store Detective Walsh
  • Charles Collins as Charlie
  • Yvonne Peattie as Gertrude Palmer
  • Joel Allen as Frank Palmer
  • Helen Chapman as Joey Ridgway
  • John Phillips as Allen Ridgeway
  • Margo Karen as Hilda
  • Bruce Edwards as 1st Detective
  • Tyler McVey as 2nd Detective
  • Paul Guilfoyle as William Pope
  • Michael Vallon as Richard Downs
  • Barbara Woodell as Miss Seabury
  • Madge Crane as Mrs. Markwell
  • Pamela Duncan as Braddock's Nurse
  • Carmen Clothier as Fur Saleswoman
  • Gil Frye as Nightclub Accomplice at Phone
  • Duke York as Nightclub Accomplice with Binoculars


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