Confederation of Finnish Industries

The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK, Finnish: Elinkeinoelämän Keskusliitto, Swedish: Finlands Näringsliv) is the largest employers' association in Finland. It was formed at the beginning of 2005 when the two employers' associations Palvelutyönantajat (Employers of the Service Sector) and Teollisuuden ja Työnantajain Keskusliitto (Union of Industries and Employers) merged. EK's member companies collectively contribute over 70% of Finland's GDP, and over 95% of Finland's exports. It has considerable negotiating power, since Finland has universal validity of collective labour agreements, and often a national income policy agreement is reached.

EK focuses its activity on the following goals:

  • A business environment which stimulates growth and success for companies
  • Securing the competitiveness of Finnish work
  • Ways to benefit from the opportunities offered by globalisation
  • Economic policies promoting competitiveness
  • Efficient member services

The organisation consists of:

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