Compressed hydrogen tube trailer

Hydrogen tube trailers are semi-trailers that consist of 10 to 36 cluster high-pressure hydrogen tanks varying in length from 20 feet (6.10 m) for small tubes to 38 feet (11.58 m) on jumbo tube trailers. They are part of the hydrogen highway[1] and usually precede a local hydrogen station.


Modular tube trailer

Modular tube trailer range from 8 to 54 tubes.[2]

Intermediate trailer

Intermediate tubes are assembled in banks of 5 tubes in lengths of 19 and 38 ft (5.79 and 11.58 m) and provide mobile or stationary storage.[3]

Jumbo tube trailer

A trailer with 10 tubes and a 44-foot (13.41 m) chassis, operating with pressures in excess of 3,200 psi (220.63 bar; 22.06 MPa).[4]

As of September 2013, The Linde Group has introduced a tube trailer operating at 500 bar (50.0 MPa; 7,250 psi) utilizing new, lighter storage materials to more than double the amount of compressed gaseous hydrogen to 1,100 kilograms (2,425 lb), or a normal 13,000 cubic metres (17,000 cu yd) of hydrogen gas. The new trailers can be filled and emptied in less than 60 minutes.[5]

As on July 2016, Nishal Group has multiple cascade configurations in the form of cascade banks operating at 200 bar.

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