Compassion International (Taiwan)

Compassion International (Taiwan) - humanitarian non-profit organization helping needy children in Vietnam and aboriginal communities of Taiwan. Founded in 1995 and based in Taiwan.

It declares its mission to devote itself to converge support from general public to ensure the underprivileged areas to achieve the world highest humanity development level.


  • Improve living environment of people
  • Provide medical services and resources
  • Scholarships and financial aid for elementary school and high school children
  • Subsidies for the poor
  • Reconstruction of aboriginal communities in Taiwan
  • Disaster relief
  • Follow-up services for children that have received financial aid.

The operations in Vietnam are mainly concentrated on the central part of the country, where international assistance was usually non-sufficient. In 2005, Compassion Intarnational spent 300,000 USD on its projects in Vietnam.

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