Comparison of help desk issue tracking software

This article is a comparison of notable issue tracking systems used primarily for help desks and service desks rather than for bug tracking or project management.

System Creator License Implementation language(s) Back end Launch Date
Faveo Helpdesk Ladybird Web Solution Open Software License PHP MySQL 2015
HEAT FrontRange Solutions Proprietary .NET Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 1990
JIRA Atlassian Proprietary, Free for non-commercial use; hosted & on-premises Java MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2003
OTRS OTRS AGPL Perl MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2001
Request Tracker Best Practical Solutions, LLC GPL Perl MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 1999-10-13
Spiceworks Spiceworks IT Software Proprietary; free for use Ruby sqlite 2006
Supportworks Hornbill Systems Proprietary Visual C++ and PHP Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase 1994
SysAid SysAid Technologies Proprietary Java, C# MySQL, Derby, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2002
Tracker Automation Centre Proprietary Groupware, requires Lotus Notes IBM Lotus Domino 2001
TrackerSuite.Net Automation Centre Proprietary C# Microsoft SQL Server 2006

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