Common Recruitment Examination

Common Recruitment Examination (Chinese: 綜合招聘考試) is an examination for the recruitment of civil servants in Hong Kong. It consists of three 45-minute papers, namely Use of English (UE), Use of Chinese (UC) and Aptitude Test (AT). Candidates' results in the UE and UC papers are classified as 'Level 2', 'Level 1' or 'Fail', with 'Level 2' being the highest. Results in the AT paper are classified as pass or fail. 'Level 2' and 'Level 1' results of the two language papers and the pass result of the AT paper are of permanent validity. All three papers are in multiple-choice format.

Common Recruitment Examination
Developer / administratorCivil Service Bureau
Knowledge / skills testedEnglish language
Chinese language
Job skills
Duration3 x 45-minute papers
Countries / regions Hong Kong
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese
WebsiteOfficial website
Common Recruitment Examination
Traditional Chinese綜合招聘考試
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