Commemorative coins of Poland

Commemorative coins in Poland are special coins minted by the Polish Mint and issued by the National Bank of Poland (the only issuer of the Polish coins [2] ). Each year several collector and commemorative coins are minted to mark political, historical, scientific, cultural, sporting, humanitarian and other similar events of general importance to Poland or with wider international significance. The material used for production of the commemorative coins is usually alloy of silver Ag 925, gold Au 900 or pure gold Au 999,9. Most of the commemorative coins have their equivalents in occasional coins of common use, minted from special brass called “Nordic Gold”.[2]

Republic of Poland

Rzeczpospolita Polska
ISO 3166 codePL

The following table shows the number of coins minted per year. In the first section, the coins are grouped by the metal used, while in the second section they are grouped by their face value.

YearIssues By metal By face value
GoldSilver200 zł100 zł50 zł37 zł30 zł25 zł20 zł10 zł
  Coins were minted
  No coins were minted
  Scheduled to be minted

As a result of inflation in the early 1990s, the currency underwent redenomination. Thus, on 1 January 1995, 10 000 old złotych (PLZ) became one new złoty (PLN). The following list presents commemorative coins since Polish zloty denomination:

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