Colony (In Flames album)

Colony is the fourth album by Swedish melodic death metal band, In Flames, released on 21 May 1999 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Studio album by
Released21 May 1999 (Japan)
31 May 1999 (Rest of the world)
RecordedNovember, 1998
StudioStudio Fredman
GenreMelodic death metal[1]
LabelNuclear Blast
ProducerFredrik Nordström and In Flames
In Flames chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Metal Storm9.4/10[3]

It was the first In Flames album to feature the classic line-up, Björn Gelotte switched to lead guitar to replace Glenn Ljungström and Daniel Svensson filled the drummer position left vacant by Gelotte. Peter Iwers also became the new bass player, replacing Johan Larsson. With Anders Fridén and Jesper Strömblad remaining on vocals and rhythm guitar respectively, this lineup remained unchanged until 2010.

The title of The New Word is subject to debate. According to the track list on the back cover of the original 1999 release, the official In Flames web site, and the lyrics printed in the original 1999 CD booklet, the correct title is The New Word; however, according to the heading of the lyrics printed for the song in the original booklet, the track list on the 2004 re-release, and the official Nuclear Blast Records web site, the song is called The New World. The 2009 re-release Colony: Reloaded did nothing to clear up this issue, with the insert and the booklet containing the same inconsistency as the original 1999 release. The song's lyrics themselves, meanwhile, suggest that The New Word is indeed the correct title.

"Pallar Anders Visa" means "The Ballad of Anders the Thief". It is also an Instrumental, just like the Bonus Track, "Man Made God".

The song Embody the Invisible appears in the soundtrack of the video game Tony Hawk's Underground.

The tracks Behind Space '99 and Clad in Shadows '99 (which are only available on different issues of this album) are both remakes of the tracks first heard on Lunar Strain, although Behind Space '99 excludes the acoustic guitar outro present on the original version.

Lyrics and musical style

The album deals with various aspects of religion, society, and spirituality, from the somewhat positive light of Embody the Invisible and The New Word, to the more negative Zombie Inc. and Scorn. This album features a faster, tighter, and more energetic approach to the music than displayed on the previous album, Whoracle, though the song-writing approach is similar.

Track listing

1."Embody the Invisible"3:37
2."Ordinary Story"4:16
5."Zombie Inc."5:05
6."Pallar Anders Visa"1:41
7."Coerced Coexistence"4:14
9."Behind Space '99"3:58
10."Insipid 2000"3:45
11."The New Word"3:18

The Deluxe Edition (2004)

This enhanced re-release contains the following in addition to the above tracks:

Colony: Reloaded (2009)

This enhanced, re-release contains all the same bonus content as the 2004 Deluxe Edition. The original 1999 cover is brought back, and the back insert is custom-shaped to fit into the "Super Jewel BOX" case that is used.



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