Colombo Terminus railway station

Colombo Terminus Station was the primary railway station in Colombo, Sri Lanka in the nineteenth century. It was retired from service at the beginning of the twentieth century and replaced by Maradana Station. The preserved building is now home to the National Railway Museum.[1]

Colombo Terminus
Railway Station
Owned byCeylon Government Railways, now Sri Lanka Railways
Line(s)Main Line
All Main-line trains to Colombo (until 1908)


Colombo Terminus Station was opened in 1865 to serve all trains at Colombo.[1]

In 1906, a project was launched to reorganise the railway within the Colombo area. Colombo Terminus Station was closed and replaced by the new Maradana Station.[1]

Today the station is the site of the National Railway Museum.[1]


Terminus Station was originally the end of the Main Line. The construction of the Coast Line towards Slave Island turned the Terminus Station into a quarter-mile-long siding, making operation inconvenient.[2]

Instead of a clock, a sundial was originally used to tell the time. This would have avoided the cost of installing a mechanically-operated clock.[2]

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