Collège Champittet

Collège Champittet is a luxury Swiss school in the canton de Vaud operated by Nord Anglia Education, a group of 56 schools around the world. The school offers an academic education for students ages 3–19 and has two campuses: the main one is located in the vicinity of Lausanne in Pully, and the other one in Nyon. The Nyon campus offers Kindergarten and primary school education services,[1] while the Pully campus offers a Kindergarten, primary and a secondary education.[2] The school offers a full boarding service for students who are willing to live in the Pully campus. The school has a 950 students capacity.

Collège Champittet

TypePrivate/International School
DirectorMr. Philippe de Korodi
Classes offeredKindergarten/Primary/Secondary

The school was established in 1903 by a group of Dominican fathers as a Catholic school for boys. They were in charge of the establishment until 1951, when they passed on the leadership of the school to capitular fathers of the Great Saint-Bernard order, who left the school in the care of a group of professional educators in 1998. During this time, in 1984, the doors of the school became mixed and welcomed girls.

Collège Champittet offers a bilingual program French/English for all students. A bilingual or Francophone curriculum and a program for non-francophone students (French as Foreign Language (FLE)[3]) is also available. For the upper secondary students (age 14 to 19), students can choose between the French Baccalaureate, the FLE program, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Champittet calls for a technological approach of education. In fact it is accredited by Intersection, an independent company that evaluates the degree and quality of technology integration within the educational environment of private schools at primary and secondary level.

Champittet hosts over 30 different nationalities (50% of which are Swiss), nearly all students are either French native speakers, bilingual or plurilingual (20% are native English speakers).

Many choices of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available for students: Global Citizenship, Model UN, Debate Club, music, sports etc. Variety of educational and humanitarian events are possible because of the involvement of Champittet in several charitable projects through Foundation Collège Champittet[4] which collaborates with: Foundation Avotra in Madagascar, Foundation Jan & Oscar in Thailand, Nordstar of Nord Anglia Education in Tanzania and 1001 Fontaines in Cambodia.

Champittet recently absorbed the students from L'Institut Mont-Olivet, a neighbouring school which closed in 2016.


Collège Champittet's (upper) secondary education (Middle and High School) is not approved as a Mittelschule/Collège/Liceo by the Swiss Federal State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).[5]


As the College Champittet has strong Christian roots, it still has some Christian values. Various activities of the chaplaincy are aimed primarily at Catholic children but are open to any children no matter their religion, or because they want to better understand the Christian reality or prepare for baptism. On the occasion of celebrations or liturgical times, several masses are offered to students during the school year. Preparation for the sacraments (Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation) and a choir organization of children and young people are offered by the college's chaplaincy.

Career counseling

College Champittet Careers Counselling and Guidance Service supports students from grade 9 to 14 with the decisions that they make regarding their secondary education, examinations, preparing for university and career choices.[6]

Student profile

Over 30 different nationalities compose the student body of Champittet. 50% are Swiss. Approximately 10% of the enrolled are boarders. Nearly all students are either French native speakers, bilingual or plurilingual (20% are native English speakers).

In Nyon, nationalities of the student body are distributed as so: 34% Swiss, 32% French, 11% Great-Britain and 23% others (Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain and Ukraine). -statistics 2015-16

In Pully : 36% Swiss, 17% French, 11% Russian, 3% Spanish, 3% English, 3% American, 3% Italian, 3% Belgian, 2% German, 2% Portuguese, 2% Mexican, 1% Australian, 1% Greek, 1% Ukrainian, 1% Brazilian, 1%Canadian, 1%Chinese, 1% Japanese, 1% Colombian, 1% Irish and 7% of the Nyon's students possesses another nationality. -statistics 2015-16


Collège Champittet in Pully is situated on grounds covering 40,000 square metres (9.9 acres) of land. It is composed of 3 different buildings including a gymnasium. Pully campus offers different facilities:

  • Kids playground
  • Soccer field
  • 100m Athletic track
  • Handball/Volleyball/Badminton fields
  • Chapel
  • 2 tennis courts (covered in winter)
  • Multi-function gymnasium (sport, theatre, auditorium etc.

Nyon's campus features a kids playground. Sport and other activities are conducted at nearly locations.

Global Campus

College Champittet takes part in GlobalCampus, a Nord Anglia Education initiative which uses online communities to connect students with their international counterparts in order to develop a global perspective and a network between the students around the world. The program offers activities undertaken in school, online and at destinations around the world.

Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Program

In February 2015, Nord Anglia Education and The Juilliard School announced a global collaboration to enhance performing arts education for students. As a consequence, Collège Champittet is introducing a music curriculum from August 2016. This programme will be offered in collaboration with The Juilliard School in New York. The programs taught in English and is based on 12 core categories of all genres.


College Champittet is active the different charity organizations through The Collège Champittet Foundation is non-profit and independent from Nord Anglia Education. The Foundation, which main objectives are to support humanitarian projects mainly in education and to raise awerness among its students about the situation of poorer countries, has its own legal identity and is registered with the official commerce registry.

The Fondation is working in a long term manner in various countries with few foundations:

  • In Madagascar, in partnership with Foundation Avotra created by Father Stefano.[7]
  • In Thailand, in partnership with Foundation Jan & Oscar.[8]
  • In Tanzania, in partnership with Foundation Nordstar of Nord Anglia Education.
  • In Cambodia, in partnership with association 1001 Fontaines.

Notable alumni


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