Colin Skeaping

Colin Skeaping (born 18 June 1944) is a stuntman with a long career in Hollywood stunts. He was the stunt double for Mark Hamill's role as Luke Skywalker in all three original Star Wars films. He was also a stunt double in other noteworthy film series such as the James Bond and Superman movies.

Colin Skeaping
Colin Peter Skeaping

(1944-06-18) 18 June 1944[1]
OccupationStuntman, actor


Star Wars

Skeaping was Mark Hamill's stunt double for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. In addition to his stunt work, he also played a Death Star trooper in Star Wars and a gunner for the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.[2]

James Bond

Skeaping performed stunts in the James Bond films Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Octopussy. He also played Monorail Driver in The Spy Who Loved Me.


Skeaping was a stunt performer in the three first Superman films. He also played a pilot in the 1978 Superman film.

Selected filmography


Colin Skeaping was a stunt performer unless otherwise mentioned.


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