Coleman Medal

The Coleman Medal is awarded yearly to the Australian Football League player who kicks the most goals in home-and-away matches in that year. It is named after John Coleman, the former Essendon full forward debuting with 12 goals to his name, he then carried on to kick 537 goals in 98 games and unfortunately was cut short by injury.[1]

Coleman Medal winners

Although only instituted in 1981, retrospective Coleman Medals were presented in 2004, dating back to 1955 which was the first season after Coleman's retirement. Winners prior to that were retrospectively awarded Leading Goalkicker Medals.[2][3] The winners of the Coleman Medal are:

(not incl. finals)
Total goals
(incl. finals)
2019Jeremy CameronGreater Western Sydney6776
2018Jack Riewoldt (3)Richmond6570
2017Lance Franklin (4)Sydney6973
2016Josh Kennedy (2)West Coast8082
2015Josh KennedyWest Coast7580
2014Lance Franklin (3)Sydney6779
2013Jarryd RougheadHawthorn6872
2012Jack Riewoldt (2)Richmond65
2011Lance Franklin (2)Hawthorn7182
2010Jack RiewoldtRichmond78
2009Brendan Fevola (2)Carlton8689
2008Lance FranklinHawthorn102113
2007Jonathan BrownBrisbane Lions77
2006Brendan FevolaCarlton84
2005Fraser Gehrig (2)St Kilda7478
2004Fraser GehrigSt Kilda90103
2003Matthew Lloyd (3)Essendon8793
2002David NeitzMelbourne7582
2001Matthew Lloyd (2)Essendon96105
2000Matthew LloydEssendon94109
1999Scott CummingsWest Coast8895
1998Tony Lockett (4)Sydney107109
1997Tony ModraAdelaide8184
1996Tony Lockett (3)Sydney114121
1995Gary Ablett, Sr. (3)Geelong118122
1994Gary Ablett, Sr. (2)Geelong113129
1993Gary Ablett, Sr.Geelong124
1992Jason Dunstall (3)Hawthorn139145
1991Tony Lockett (2)St Kilda118127
1990John LongmireNorth Melbourne98
1989Jason Dunstall (2)Hawthorn128138
1988Jason DunstallHawthorn124132
1987Tony LockettSt Kilda117
1986Brian TaylorCollingwood100
1985Simon BeasleyFootscray93105
1984Bernie Quinlan (2)Fitzroy102105
1983Bernie QuinlanFitzroy106116
1982Malcolm BlightNorth Melbourne94103
1981Michael Roach (2)Richmond86
1980Michael RoachRichmond107112
1979Kelvin Templeton (2)Footscray91
1978Kelvin TempletonFootscray118
1977Peter Hudson (4)Hawthorn105110
1976Larry DonohueGeelong99105
1975Leigh MatthewsHawthorn6768
1974Doug Wade (4)North Melbourne91103
1973Peter McKenna (2)Collingwood8486
1972Peter McKennaCollingwood130
1971Peter Hudson (3)Hawthorn140150
1970Peter Hudson (2)Hawthorn146
1969Doug Wade (3)Geelong122127
1968Peter HudsonHawthorn125
1967Doug Wade (2)Geelong7996
1966Ted FordhamEssendon7376
1965John Peck (3)Hawthorn56
1964John Peck (2)Hawthorn68
1963John PeckHawthorn6975
1962Doug WadeGeelong6268
1961Tom CarrollCarlton54
1960Ron Evans (2)Essendon67
1959Ron EvansEssendon6978
1958Ian BrewerCollingwood6773
1957Jack CollinsFootscray74
1956Bill YoungSt Kilda56
1955Noel RaysonGeelong7780

Leading Goalkicker Medal

Awarded prior to 1955 to the scorer of most goals in the home and away season.

YearWinnerTeamGoals (not inc. finals)Total goals (incl. finals)
1954Jack CollinsFootscray7384
1953John ColemanEssendon9697
1952John ColemanEssendon103
1951John ColemanEssendon75
1950John ColemanEssendon112120
1949John ColemanEssendon85100
1948Lindsay WhiteGeelong86
1947Fred FanningMelbourne97
1946Des FothergillCollingwood63
1945Fred FanningMelbourne67
1944Fred FanningMelbourne87
1943Fred FanningMelbourne62
1942Lindsay WhiteSouth Melbourne6780
1941Sel MurrayNorth Melbourne88
1940Jack TitusRichmond92100
1939Ron ToddCollingwood98121
1938Ron ToddCollingwood102120
1937Dick HarrisRichmond6465
1936Bill MohrSt Kilda101
1935Bob PrattSouth Melbourne97103
1934Bob PrattSouth Melbourne138150
1933Gordon CoventryCollingwood108
1932George MoloneyGeelong109
1931Harry VallenceCarlton7286
1930Gordon CoventryCollingwood105115
1929Gordon CoventryCollingwood118124
1928Gordon CoventryCollingwood7889
1927Gordon CoventryCollingwood8897
1926Gordon CoventryCollingwood7883
1925Lloyd HaggerGeelong7078
1924Jack MoriartyFitzroy7582
1923Greg StockdaleEssendon6468
1922Horrie CloverCarlton5456
1921Cliff RankinGeelong6163
1920George BaylissRichmond6263
1919Dick LeeCollingwood4756
1918Ern CowleyCarlton35
1917Dick LeeCollingwood5054
1916Dick LeeCollingwood4648
1915Jimmy FreakeFitzroy6566
1914Dick LeeCollingwood57
1913Roy ParkUniversity53
1912Harry BreretonMelbourne56
1911Harry BreretonMelbourne46
1910Percy MartiniGeelong5151
1909Dick LeeCollingwood5558
1908Dick LeeCollingwood5054
1907Dick LeeCollingwood4547
1906Mick GraceCarlton4550
1905Charlie PannamCollingwood38
1904Vince CoutieMelbourne39
1903Teddy LockwoodCollingwood3335
1902Charlie BakerSt Kilda30
1901Fred HiskinsEssendon34
1900Albert Thurgood
Teddy Lockwood
2425 (Thurgood) 24 (Lockwood)
1899Eddy JamesGeelong31
1898Archie SmithCollingwood31
1897Eddy James
Jack Leith

Multiple winners

Times WonPlayerTeam/sYears
7Dick LeeCollingwood1907, 1908, 1909, 1914, 1916, 1917, 1919
6Gordon CoventryCollingwood1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1933
5John ColemanEssendon1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953
4Fred FanningMelbourne1943, 1944, 1945, 1947
Doug WadeGeelong / North Melbourne1962, 1967, 1969, 1974
Peter HudsonHawthorn1968, 1970, 1971, 1977
Tony LockettSt Kilda / Sydney1987, 1991, 1996, 1998
Lance FranklinHawthorn / Sydney2008, 2011, 2014, 2017
3John PeckHawthorn1963, 1964, 1965
Jason DunstallHawthorn1988, 1989, 1992
Gary Ablett SrGeelong1993, 1994, 1995
Matthew LloydEssendon2000, 2001, 2003
Jack RiewoldtRichmond2010, 2012, 2018
2Eddy JamesGeelong1897, 1899
Teddy LockwoodGeelong / Collingwood1900, 1903
Harry BreretonMelbourne1911, 1912
Bob PrattSouth Melbourne1934, 1935
Ron ToddCollingwood1938, 1939
Lindsay WhiteSouth Melbourne / Geelong1942, 1948
Jack CollinsFootscray1954, 1957
Ron EvansEssendon1959, 1960
Peter McKennaCollingwood1972, 1973
Kelvin TempletonFootscray1978, 1979
Michael RoachRichmond1980, 1981
Bernie QuinlanFitzroy1983, 1984
Fraser GehrigSt Kilda2004, 2005
Brendan FevolaCarlton2006, 2009
Josh KennedyWest Coast2015, 2016

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