Colectivo 60

The Colectivo 60 (the number 60 bus route) was founded in 1931 and runs from Constitución station, in the centre of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina to the Tigre Club in the partido of Tigre. The service is operated by Nudo S.A., Azul S.A.T.A. and M.O.T.S.A. and the identifying color of the buses is yellow, with red and black details.

Colectivo Line 60
A unit around the metropolitan area of the city of Tigre, Buenos Aires.
HeadquartersEscobar central bus station
LocaleBuenos Aires metropolitan area
Service areaSouthwestern District of Barracas, Buenos Aires CBD, northwestern Tigre, Buenos Aires and Belén de Escobar
Service typeLocal and express
Fuel type
OperatorM.O.N.S.A. (Nudo S.A.-Azul S.A.T.A.-M.O.T.S.A.)

Known locally as El Sesenta ("The Sixty"), the service is sometimes dubbed El Internacional (The International) because it passes through (or close to) many landmarks of the city and of the northern suburbs, to wit:

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Odontology
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
Faculty of Social Science
Faculty of Engineering, Las Heras building
Clínicas university hospital

One branch of the service reaches Tigre through the Pan-American Highway.

On November 13, 2006, MONSA contract drivers went on strike demanding better conditions .

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