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The Coffee With... biography series is a selection of books published by Duncan Baird between 2007 and 2008 each containing fictional conversations with real famous people, conveying biographical fact. A review of Coffee with Oscar Wilde in The Independent, for example, explains that in it the author, Wilde's grandson Merlin Holland, "offers an imaginary and imaginative conversation between himself and his grandfather, set in a contemporary Parisian café". The review described that volume as "an ideal introduction to Wilde's seductive and intellectually electrifying world".[1]

The first set of volumes published in 2007 covered eight figures: Ernest Hemingway, Gautama Buddha, Marilyn Monroe, Michelangelo, Mozart, Plato, Oscar Wilde, and Groucho Marx.[2]

Works in the Series

Title Published Author Foreword by
Coffee With Aristotle2008[3]Jonathan BarnesJulian Barnes
Coffee With Dickens2008[4]Paul SchlickePeter Ackroyd
Coffee With Einstein 2008Carlos I. CalleRoger Penrose
Coffee With Groucho 2007Simon Louvish
Coffee With Hemingway 2007Kirk Curnutt[5]John Updike
Coffee With Isaac Newton 2008Michael WhiteBill Bryson
Coffee With Marilyn 2007Yona Zeldis McDonough
Coffee With Mark Twain 2008Fred Kaplan
Coffee With Michelangelo 2007James W. HallJohn Julius Norwich
Coffee With Mozart 2007Julian RushtonJohn Tavener
Coffee With Oscar Wilde 2007Merlin Holland (Wilde's grandson)[1]Simon Callow
Coffee With Plato 2007Donald R. MoorRobert M. Pirsig
Coffee With Shakespeare 2008Stanley WellsJoseph Fiennes
Coffee With The Buddha 2007Joan Duncan OliverAnnie Lennox


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