Codroy is a community in the Codroy Valley of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.[1]

It is a village with about 50 inhabitants with most living in homes along Newfoundland and Labrador Route 406, the main road in town.


The village was part of a settlement process that began with English settlers in 1822, but between 1820s to 1840s saw the migration of Acadians and Irish Catholics.[2]

The village name is believed to be a combination of the word 'cod' (for fish found around Codroy) and French word 'Roi' or king.[2]

Codroy Island is actually connected to the mainland by a narrow spit and shelters Codroy Harbour.


Holy Trinity Anglican Church, a Carpenter Gothic-style wood church built in 1913 to replace the 1906 church destroyed in a wind storm in 1912,[3] is a registered heritage structure.[4] The church has a large cemetery with about 400 graves.[5] Codroy remains predominately Anglican after most surrounding area residents became Roman Catholic.[2]

The Grand Codroy Estuary is nearby, as is Point Rosee, once thought to be a possible Norse site.[6]


Moore Variety is the only corner store in the village and attached to the Canada Post Condroy Postal Station.

Condroy Seafoods Incorporated, which processes shellfish and groundfish and exports them to other places in North America and Europe, is the largest employer with a fish processing facility in Codroy Harbour.

Fishing trawlers and other fishing vessels dock in the harbour, which is maintained by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.[7]

Other businesses in the village:

  • Islandview Lounge - local bar
  • Oceanview Seniors Club - a social club in the building near the harbour

Local services

Codroy Fire Hall located next to Holy Trinity Church on Holy Trinity Church Road provides fire suppression and ambulance service in the village.

There are no hospitals or clinics in Codroy, the closest medical facility is a clinic in Channel-Port aux Basques to the south.

The closest school is Belanger Memorial School, a high school in Millville to the south


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