Codex Faenza

The Codex Faenza (Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale 117) abbreviated as "(I-FZc 117)", and sometimes known as Codex Bonadies, is a 15th-century musical manuscript containing some of the oldest preserved keyboard music along with additional vocal pieces. The manuscript is held at the Biblioteca Comunale di Faenza, near Ravenna, but a facsimile with commentary by Pedro Memelsdorff was published by LIM in 2013.[1]

The works of the manuscript are detailed below. The codes in the "Recordings" column are specified in the "Discography" section. The works added by Johannes Bonadies are specified with different color in the list.

Folio Work Voices Composer Musical form Concordances Recordings Comments
12-3Kyrie2intabulationCLE, PUN
35v-6Kyrie3John HothbiKyrie
46v-7Et exultavit spiritus meus4Bernhard YcartMagníficat
57v-8Et exultavit spiritus meus4Bernhard YcartMagníficat
68v-9Kyrie4Bernhard YcartKyrie
79v-11Et in terra pax hominibus4Bernhard YcartGloria
811vFuga trium temporum3anonymousfugaFuga without text
920v-21Cantus grecus Christus surrexit4anonymous
1027v-28Ora pronobis3John Hothbimotet
1128v-29Ave regina3Johannes de Erfordiamotet
1229v-30Kyrie3Johannes de ErfordiaKyrie
1330v-31Sanctus3Johannes de ErfordiaSanctus
1436-36vIndescort2intabulationFON, FRADiminution based on the anonymous ballade A discort sont Desir et Esperance
1537-37vHont paur2intabulationSTU, ORG, TRE, UNI, FAE, FRA, EGB, CAMBased on a vocal work by Guillaume de Machaut
1637v-38vDe tout flors2intabulationSCB, MHS, EML, LIB, ORG, TRE, FAE, ALT, DIS, ECGBased on a vocal work by Guillaume de Machaut
1738v-39Aspire refus2intabulationESTUNI
1839-40Elas mon cuer2intabulationORG, UNI, POL
1940-40vDe ce fol penser2intabulationTFL, HAU, PAGBased on a vocal work by P. des Molins
2040v-41vJ'ay grant espoir2intabulationORG, UNI
2141v-42Constantia2intabulationFON, ORG, DUF, ECG, FER, GVO
2242-43Le ior2intabulationORG, UNI, POL, GOT, GVP
2343-43vIorlevie (Jour e jour la vie)2intabulationFRO
2443v-44vViuer ne puis2intabulation
2544v-46vElas mon cuor2intabulationSee #18 above.
2646v-48Deduto sey a quel che may2intabulationORGBased on a vocal work by Antonio "Zachara" da Teramo
2748v-49Or sus, vous dormés trop2intabulationAFR, MAR, NBC, ALB
2849v(untexted)2intabulationDUF, ECG, CPA
2950J'aime la biauté2intabulation
3050-50vIorlevie (Jour meur la vie)2intabulation= obra No 23
3150v-52Roseta che non canci mai colore2intabulationBased on a vocal work by Antonio 'Zachara' de Teramo
3354Sangilio2intabulationVOI, CLE, AMC
3556v-57Biance flour2intabulationRES, MUN, UNI
3657-58Benedicamus Domino2intabulationDUF, VOI, SIX, PUN
3759v-60Kyrie2Johannes BonadiesKyrie
3863Que est ista4John Hothbimotete
3963v-65Et exultavit spiritus meus3John HothbiMagnificat
4065v-66Et exultavit spiritus meus3Bernhard YcartMagnificat
4166v-67vEt exultavit spiritus meus3John HothbiMagnificat
4268-69vSoto l'imperio del posente prinçe2intabulationBased on a madrigal by Jacopo da Bologna
4369v-70vQualle leçe move2intabulationBased on a vocal work by Bartolino da Padova
4471-72La dolçce sere2intabulationNBC, LON, TETBased on a vocal work by Bartolino da Padova
4572-73O ciecho mondo2intabulationDUF, TRE, HUEBased on a vocal work by Jacopo da Bologna
4673-74vAquila altera2intabulationPAN, LIB, ORG, REV, TRE, UNI, TFO, BER, CLA, RAYBased on a vocal work by Jacopo da Bologna
4774v-77Inperial sedendo2intabulationRSUBased on a vocal work by Bartolino da Padova
4877-78Io me son uno che per le frasche2intabulationPAN, ORG, TRE, RIEBased on a vocal work by Jacopo da Bologna
4978-79Non na el so amante2intabulationRIC, PAN, GVO, TRE, PUNBased on a vocal work by Jacopo da Bologna on a text by Petrarch
5079-79vKyrie2intabulationSYN, DUF, MAR, PUN
5179v-80vChe pena questa2intabulationORG, ECG, FAEBased on a vocal work by Francesco Landini
5280v-81Bel fiore dança2intabulationDUF, UNI, ECG, LAM, NBE, MAR, BAM, WIT, PER, RIE, EMA, CIN, SIG, AFA, AMC, DEA
5381-81vNon arà may pietà questa mia dona2intabulationRES, BIN, UNI, ECGBased on a vocal work by Francesco Landini
5482-82vUn fior gentil2intabulationTREBased on a vocal work by Antonius 'Zachara' de Teramo
5582v-83vRosetta che non canbi may colore2intabulationBOL, LUC, PARTREBased on a vocal work by Antonius 'Zachara' de Teramo
--82v-83vRoseta che non canci mai2intabulationBased on a vocal work by Antonius 'Zacharias' de Teramo
5684Diva panthera3John Hothbimotete
5784v-85Tard' il mio cor3John HothbiSecular work in Italian
5885vAve sublime triumphale3John Hothbimotete
5986-86vAmor3John HothbiSecular work in Italian
6087Non so se'l e la mia culpa3Johannes de ErfordiaSecular work in Italian
6187vDoloroso mi tapinello io son3Johannes de ErfordiaSecular work in Italian
6288-90Kyrie2intabulationDGO, PUN
6390-92vGloria2intabulationSIX, PUN
6493-94(untexted)2intabulationDUF, PUN[Deus in adjutorium meum intende]
6594v(untexted)2intabulationECG, PUN
6996v-97Ave maris stella2intabulationDUF, VOI, SIX, TFO, EST, RVD, LEI, HUE, PUN
7097-97vBenedicamus Domino2intabulationHUE


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